Rachael Ray's Husband John Cusimano Forgets Vital Information About Their First Date: Her Cute Response

Lucille Barilla

In a question-and-answer session in a video posted to the Instagram page of the Rachael Ray Show, the chef and her husband, John Cusimano, answered a query from a viewer regarding the restaurant where they went on their first date and what they ordered. He apparently forgot some vital information, cuing her cute response.

John knew the name of the eatery, Philip Marie in the West Village, which has since closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. He called it a sweet little neighborhood restaurant.

He said that they both ordered chicken under a brick.

"No, we didn't," Rachael responded.

He then guessed chicken under glass, and Rachael shook her head no. John finally came up with the right answer, which was pheasant under glass, to which Rachel smiled in the affirmative.

Pheasant under glass is a poultry dish that includes the breast of the bird, lemon juice, black pepper, butter, mushrooms, shallots, brandy, white wine, and heavy cream. It is served under a dome, per New York Times Cooking.

She then laughed and affectionately kissed her husband on the cheek.

"I knew it was a bird and it was under something," he joked.

The couple then moved on to other questions posed by viewers where they responded to what one should do with the oil from frying. Rachael shared that you pour it into a container and dispose of it. Another asked Rachael about the metal plate on the burner of her stove. She responded that she purchased the appliance because it looked pretty and shared that it was a diffuser for the heat source.

John and Rachael, who have been remotely recording episodes of her syndicated talk series since March when the coronavirus pandemic erupted in the United States, have been spending lots of time together as they isolate along with their dog Bella Blue Boo at their home in upstate New York. On December 23, Rachael posted a video where she showed off the couple's home, which was decorated for Christmas, and the grave of their beloved dog Isaboo, who passed away earlier this year.

Fans of the couple loved their sweet exchange.

"I freaking love these two together," penned one admirer.

"More of these," requested a second follower.

"I knew it was a bird of some type," joked a third Instagram user.

"They are such a joy to see together," wrote a fourth fan.