Whitney Cummings Shows Off Her Thong In Stunning Holiday Look: 'I Am Relentlessly Festive'

Comedian Whitney Cummings got cheeky while posing for photos in one of her hot holiday looks. On Christmas Eve, the 38-year-old multi-hyphenate entertainer showed off her modeling skills while rocking two different green gowns. Her Instagram images started out with a whimsical vibe before taking an unexpected turn.

One of the pieces that she was pictured wearing was a velvet gown that previously made a splash on her Instagram page. The exquisite emerald number featured frilly trim around the neck, a bodice with a bustier-style design, straps that tied on the shoulders, and a midi skirt with a ruffle on the bottom. Whitney gave her overall look a festive color scheme by wearing a pair of red high heels on her feet and painting her fingernails the same bold hue. She accessorized with a number of gold rings and a gemstone choker necklace that featured both Christmas colors, along with white jewels.

Whitney's hair was a brilliant neon blue shade. In her first pic, she looked demure while standing near the edge of a luxurious pool. She gave the camera a warm smile as she gripped her skirt and tilted her head to one side. For her next shot, she scrunched up her face while showing off the bling on her fingers.

The next three images showed the Good For You podcast host rocking a different dress that was a deeper shade of green. It featured a wrap-style top with asymmetrical sleeves and a long fabric belt around the waist. In her first photo of the look, she bared a hint of sideboob on the more revealing left side of the bodice. She accessorized with a gold pendant necklace and a statement-making circlet adorned with pale green crystals. The vibe of her pose and facial expression was confident and regal.

For her follow-up pic, she pulled aside the swath of fabric over her left breast and covered up the NSFW body part with her right hand. She laughed as her photo was snapped.

Whitney turned her back to the camera and raised her arms high in the air for her final shot. A segment of the back of her skirt had been wrapped around her belt to leave a generous amount of her pert posterior exposed. The alteration also revealed that she was rocking a burgundy thong.

Whitney described herself as "relentlessly festive" in her caption, and her holiday content was a smash hit with her followers.

"Beautiful Christmas Buns," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"I couldn't find the 'jaw drop' emoji," another chimed in.

"Nice tushy," added a third admirer.

"Who knew Aphrodite and Mrs. Claus were the same person?" a fourth message read.