December 18, 2020
Carmen Electra And Jason Momoa Twin While Wearing Bikini Tops And Pigtail Braids On Instagram

Carmen Electra thrilled her 1.2 million Instagram followers on Friday afternoon with a throwback snap featuring herself with Jason Momoa and an unidentified woman on the set of the 1990s primetime drama Baywatch. All three had matching hairstyles and wore brightly-colored bathing suit tops. The comical post garnered over 3,200 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Carmen hashtagged Jason in the caption and also confirmed that the image was taken during the filming of Baywatch: Hawaii, which aired from 1999 to 2001. Jason played the youngest lifeguard on the series -- a character named Jason Ioane. It was the handsome Aquaman star's first television role.

Jason stood at the center of the image flanked by the two petite women, who were dressed in bikini tops featuring a bold, yellow-and-lime print with bright pink flowers.

Carmen had a white towel wrapped around her waist, and she grasped the front of it with her right hand. Her alluring dancer's figure looked toned and slender. Her hair was parted in the center and slicked into tight double braids, which were long enough to fall across her decolletage and graze the top of her bust.

Jason followed suit and plaited his shoulder-length waves into a slightly messier version of the same style. He also added a fuchsia bikini top to his ensemble.

He tied the two strings behind his neck and let the underwire cups drape over his chest in the appropriate place, but left the lower band dangling at either side of his wide chest. A pair of red board shorts were slung low around his hips, displaying his ripped lower abs and lean physique. Although the Game of Thrones hottie was in amazing shape twenty years ago, the size of his incredibly muscular frame has bulked up considerably since then.

Jason's lack of beard in the post was another feature that initially rendered him unrecognizable, but a closer look revealed his unmistakable prominent eyebrows above deep-set, mischievously-twinkling eyes. His lips curled up into a little grin.

Carmen's Instagram followers adored the throwback post, and many were shocked to discover that the two had been lifeguard co-stars on one of the most-watched TV series in the world.

"Jason Momoa in - Aquaman the beginning," one fan teased, adding applause and star-eyes emoji for emphasis.

"Hahaha is that Jason? Wow," a second person remarked, following the words with crying-laughing and crown symbols.

"You are way too beautiful Carmen!!!!! wow!!!" a third fan exclaimed, praising the seemingly-ageless actress and model for her knockout appearance.