Jessica Alba Shakes Her Booty In Sports Bra And Workout Pants In Video Encouraging Self-Care

Nathan Francis

Jessica Alba is dancing and showing off her fantastic physique and encouraging her fans to take care of themselves.

The actress took to Instagram this weekend to post a video encouraging them to practice self-care and showing off the ways she takes care of herself. In the clip, Alba wears oversized green scrubs and falls backward onto her bed, before some editing transformed her look into formfitting workout gear that showed off her well-toned body.

After making the transformation, Alba started dancing for her fans, shaking her booty as a series of captions encouraged them to walk, run, dance, bike, and practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The post explained that working out is good for their physical as well as mental health.

The post was a hit with Alba's fans, racking up more than 290,000 likes and plenty of comments from those happy to see her enthusiasm.

"Ok get it mama!" one commented.

Others were high on praise for the actress and her age-defying good looks, with some comparing her moves to her role in the movie Honey, where she played a dancer.

"Do you ever age??," on person wrote, adding a laugh-crying emoji. "Looking gorgeous as ever."

"Still the best looking female out there Jessica," another wrote, adding a heart emoji. "you are a fine looking woman."

"You are looking like 21 year old," added another commenter.

"30 min cardio – when you only have 30 min to get it in," she wrote. "I have bad knees so the incline and treadmill is the only way I can."

While the dancing video posted this weekend offers some encouragement to her followers, Alba has also given more clear-cut instructions on how they can replicate her workouts. She has often posted some detailed breakdowns of what exercises to use, showing off ways to help them try it out.

Alba has often used her dance moves to deliver messages to her followers. As The Inquisitr noted, she took to Instagram back in late October to share a flirty clip that encouraged people to vote in the upcoming election. Alba grooved to the Gloria Estefan song "Get On Your Feet" as she challenged followers to get up and move to the polls for early voting.