December 10, 2020
Cindy Prado Showcases Rocking Bikini-Clad Body In Stunning New Spread

Model and influencer Cindy Prado has ramped up the activity level on her tempting Instagram timeline in recent weeks, posting snapshots in a variety of revealing outfits. On Thursday evening, the blond bombshell offered several looks at her tempting physique in a skimpy pink bikini that was emblazoned with butterflies.

In the accompanying caption, Prado credited the Sydney, Australia-based boutique White Fox for creating her scanty duds. And while the tiny two-piece set excelled at accentuating her sinuous figure, it was the 28-year-old's naturally alluring attributes that did all the heavy lifting in the sexy spread.

The FHM and Maxim alum clearly lit a fire under her adoring masses with the multi-pic post, as they took to the comments section in droves with words of affection.

"You are amazing girl," one smitten supporter gushed. "Such an inspiration."

"Wow Cindy you're looking incredible," a second admirer added. "How are you single? Any man would be so lucky."

"Always the most dazzling and stunning and sensual and beautiful," a third fan opined, emphasizing their feelings with a slew of emoji.

"You are absolutely perfect, you should be the only woman posted," a fourth follower wrote.

Within 30 minutes of going live, the update was also zeroing in on its 10,000th like.

The first slide in the provocative pictorial featured the bikini-clad Prado resting her back and booty against a pillar. However, her body was turned slightly away from the camera, which allowed for a clear viewing angle on her pert posterior.

With one leg stretching out in front of her and her left hand resting on her thigh, Prado peered from over the shoulder on the same side. Wavy blond locks blanketed her back and the curvature of her perky bust was well-evidenced on the opposite side.

Prado posed sideways with her arms outstretched and resting against tall, leafy vines in the second photo. Her taut midsection stood apart in the shot, thanks to her gym-honed abs and the golden waist chain she wore. In the background, a large pool could be seen.

That was followed by a straight-on shot of the model taken in the same location as the opening slide. Her full lips were parted to reveal a smattering of white teeth, and her eyes were focused away from the camera. The multicolored butterfly pattern that covered her pink swimsuit could be seen in greater detail in the picture, as could her slender, yet curvy physique.

Prado closed out the slideshow with two more pictures -- one taken by the pool and the other snapped by the pillar.

Earlier in the day, the model was equally as enthralling when she flaunted her killer body in a sultry mini dress.