Liz Katz Puts Her Incredible Cleavage On Full Display In Open Sweater Jumpsuit

Cosplay model and Instagram star Liz Katz poses for a mirrored selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Cosplay model, influencer and streamer Liz Katz returned to her Instagram profile on Saturday with another steamy snapshot. The 32-year-old — who first gained notoriety for winning Best Cosplay at WonderCon 2012 — teased her 1.3 million followers by appearing in a sweater jumpsuit that accentuated her sinuous figure and seductive assets to great effect.

She further raised the temperature of her timeline by leaving the garment open in the front. As a result, the provocative pic included an ample showing of her considerable cleavage.

The self-proclaimed “professional eccentric” opined in the caption that the photo served as another example of her modeling the “best” fashion. While her comment struck a particularly facetious chord, the incredible fan response to the sexy share clearly indicated a level of agreement with the sentiment.

“Wowser!” exclaimed one avid supporter. “You really are a beautiful woman Liz.”

“@officially_delirious really scored on this one,” another commenter wrote in reference to Katz’s beau, YouTube star and streamer H2O Delirious.

“Looks like something’s trying to break free of the lockdown. Lol,” joked a third follower.

“You don’t need the fashion in your life to be beautiful,” a fourth devotee opined. “You already are.”

Katz’s latest post blew up on the social media platform in short order, cruising past the 10,000-like threshold in about 30 minutes. The comments continued to pour in as well.

Katz was snapped sitting on the tile floor of a bathroom with one leg seemingly outstretched while the other bent upward at the knee. Her left arm rested on the floor between her legs and her right hand perched atop her head. In the background, a tiled bathtub and mirror were visible, albeit somewhat out of focus.

However, Katz made it difficult for her fans to look beyond her curvy, post-pregnancy body in the brightly lit shot.

The model’s pink lips were widely parted to reveal her straight, white upper teeth, and she firmly affixed her smoldering dark eyes on the camera. A few small strands of her wild blond hair extended out from under a knit cap that had “Taco Bell” stitched to its front in block letters.

Just below her face and dainty neck, Katz’s checked sweater jumpsuit was open wide at chest level to reveal her incredible cleavage. Although the garment was loose-fitting in some spots, it left little space for her perky breasts and slender limbs.

This is hardly the first time Katz has flaunted her post-pregnancy body on Instagram. On Tuesday, she updated her popular feed with another post that featured her massive cleavage. The gamer girl managed to bring the heat in the two-shot selfie collage by sporting a skintight playsuit with a plunging neckline.