'SNL' Host Jason Bateman & Musician Morgan Wallen Get Grilled By Cast Member Heidi Gardner In Promo Clip

Lucille Barilla

Saturday Night Live host Jason Bateman and musical guest Morgan Wallen were grilled by cast member Heidi Gardner in a sequence of two new promotional clips added to the show's Instagram page. The three stood together on the stage of Studio 8H as they recorded two segments that promoted a new installment of the late-night comedy sketch series that will air on December 5.

Jason stood in the center of Morgan and Heidi. All wore masks on their faces. After announcing that he would be the host with Morgan as the musical guest, Heidi asked the men what they wanted for Christmas. Jason said that hosting the show was the only Christmas gift he needed. Morgan claimed it was the same for him.

It was then that Heidi looked directly at the men and said, "I guess you don't care about world peace."

Jason appeared to panic. He looked at Heidi and said if she hadn't interrupted him, he would have gotten to that. The men then said that wishing for world peace was good as well as no more hunger, and no more COVID as the segment faded to black.

In a second clip, Heidi looked at Jason after he introduced himself and exclaimed, "wait, Batman? You're Jason Batman?"

The pun on his last name caused the former Arrested Development star to remark that she missed the letter E in his name. The comedienne couldn't be stopped as she exclaimed that the show finally booked Batman to which Jason replied he would go get his cape.

Morgan is making his return to SNL after originally being booked for the October 10 episode. He was removed from his spot after a video of him partying without a mask surfaced on TikTok. He partied with a large group of people without a mask during the University of Alabama's victory over Texas A&M. His actions were considered irresponsible due to the severity of the virus in Alabama. SNL protocols mandate those involved in their in-studio tapings participate in testing, temperature checks, masks when not on stage, and responsible behavior when not at Studio 8H.

Viewers were clearly ready for a new episode of the series in the comments section of the post.

"Just watched Jason and Bill Hader in an interview together and Jason said he only hosted once and wanted to come back. Glad he got his wish!!" wrote one fan.

"Again, thank you for wearing masks and setting a good example," remarked a second Instagram user.

"Loving Heidi in this clip, she's great," noted a third viewer.