'Queer Eye' Star Tan Frances Shares A 'Thirst Trap' While On An Outdoor Hike

Ava Bennet

Tan France, who many will know from his role on the Netflix Originals show "Queer Eye," surprised his 3.9 million Instagram followers with a shot taken while he was spending some time outdoors. Tan stood on a rough trail strewn with rocks and lined with dry grass. A bare tree encroached into the frame from the left, and there were patches of white snow along the path as well. The sky above was a breathtaking shade of blue, and there were mountains visible in the distance as well.

Tan stood in the middle of it all, his legs hip distance apart and his rams crossed over his chest. He showed off his biceps and shoulders in a plain gray tank with a crew neckline and figure-hugging fit. The fabric draped over his body, hugging it without clinging too tightly.

He paired the tank with simple black shorts that came to about halfway down his thighs. He also opted to tuck the top into his shorts for a more streamlined look. Tan's muscular legs were on display, and he finished off the ensemble with a few accessories.

Atop his signature coiffed silver hair, he had a wide-brimmed straw hat with the string dangling down his chest. He kept the color palette of his look neutral with his choice of footwear, going with black sneakers and black socks that extended just an inch or so above his ankle.

He paired the image with a cheeky caption in which he called the photo a "thirst trap," and his followers couldn't get enough. The post racked up over 11,000 likes within just 24 minutes of going live, as well as 188 comments from his fans.

"Some will say you're SO cute," one fan wrote, referencing Tan's caption.

"Looking good Tan," another follower commented, including a flame emoji in the compliment.

"Thirst trap. And it's working," a third fan remarked.

"I don't care what they say. I AM OBSESSED," yet another follower chimed in.

In addition to sharing his own steamy snap, Tan isn't afraid to comment on other celebrities who show off their bodies on Instagram. As The Inquisitr reported, Tan was one of the many celebrities who chimed in about a stunning series of shots that actress Selma Blair shared on the social media platform.