Meg Turney Stuns Fans By Posing Topless In A Japanese Onsen Bath

Meg Turney clicks a selfie.
Meg Turney / Instagram

American cosplay model Meg Turney tantalized her Instagram followers with a steamy throwback this morning, sharing a photo from her trip to Japan in 2019 wherein she could be seen enjoying the comforts of a traditional onsen bath. The 33-year-old took off her clothes to pose for the sizzling snap, which captured her from behind, revealing she was completely topless.

Although her face was hidden, the view from the back was certainly gripping. Meg was sitting up in the hot tub, staring into the distance and admiring a scenic view of the majestic Mount Fuji. She was in water up to the waist, teasing her hourglass figure as she posed with her arms raised and both hands behind her head.

The stunner rocked pink tresses, which tumbled down her back in a cascade of loose waves. Meg sunk her fingers into her locks, slightly pulling them up. This left quite a bit of her supple back on display, while also giving fans a peek at her toned shoulder and arm.

The crystal clear water made the onsen bath look particularly inviting. The tranquil atmosphere was enriched by a serene blue sky filled with white clouds, which got more impressive as they passed over the mountaintop. A lovely Japanese garden stretched to the right, adding a splash of color to the frame with its bright red and vivid green foliage. A tall panel fence completed the décor, providing plenty of privacy for the outdoor bathhouse.

In her caption, Meg mused about the trip, noting that a full year had elapsed since she had gone to Japan. The social media star wrote that she hoped to return soon, noting she missed “Fuji-sama” and paying homage to the great mountain with an illustrative emoji.

Followers seemed mesmerized by the splendid scenery, taking to the comments section to express their wishes of visiting the country. While some asked for travel recommendations, others requested more details about Meg’s trip and her experience.

“So gorgeous!! I thought this was a painting at first glance!” wrote one person.

“You’re actually joking this was a year ago. It feels like 5…. f*cking 2020,” added another Instagrammer.

“What hotel or spa is this?? I need to go when i can travel,” chimed in a third fan.

“How dare you take such beautiful pictures of mountains. Im not crying, youre crying. Also, I want to snowboard on that,” penned a fourth Instagram user.

Meg has shared numerous snaps from her Japanese adventure to Instagram over the last year, including several shots that documented her time at the onsen bath. Some of those posts have been significantly racier, showing a substantial amount of nudity, while others have kept the skin-flashing to a tasteful amount. These pictures have been very well received by Meg’s following, as was the case with her most recent upload, which racked up more than 27,100 likes.