Casi Davis Flaunts Her Scintillating Booty On The Beach: 'Shawty Look Good In The Moonlight'

Shawna Cory

Curvy Instagram beauty Casi Davis took to her social media page on Monday evening with a tantalizing snap that encouraged her 1.3 million followers to appreciate the idea of a full moon in more ways than one. She displayed her nearly bare backside beneath a luminescent night sky in a post that racked up almost 19,000 likes in less than 40 minutes after it was uploaded.

Casi posed standing on an empty beach after nightfall, wearing a revealing thong bikini. The native Floridian faced her famous cheeks to the camera and turned to show off her stunning profile as well. Her feet were spaced about shoulder-width apart, and she let both arms relax at her sides.

Her black bathing suit featured tiny bottoms that left little to the imagination. A small triangle of fabric was visible resting below the small of her back and connected to narrow straps high over her hips.

Casi's arched back and angled shoulders emphasized the juxtaposition between her narrow waist and the impressive swell of her rear end, emphasizing her hourglass figure.

The bikini top seemed demure in comparison with the other half of the ensemble. It had an athletic design with a large, half-moon cutout across her shoulder blades, revealing the muscular lines of her upper back. Due to the position of Casi's body, the only visible part of the front of the garment was the side.

The update contained two copies of the same image. The first was cropped close to display Casi's tempting physique. The composition of the original showed the glow of the moon at the very edge of the photo frame. It was slightly blurry but created a bright halo of light that appeared to stream directly upon her.

"Girl you look good in any light," one fan assured.

"It's the legs and [peach] for me," a second person remarked, using the appropriate emoji.

"Shawty a little baddie," a third declared.

"The moon kisses your body and in turn caresses your soul," a fourth person mused.

Last month, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Casi got fans' engines revving. She wore an equally revealing swimsuit paired with patent leather stiletto heels and leaned over the hood of a silver Jaguar with her legs spread wide apart. To date, the share has received over 54,000 likes.