Chloe Saxon Shows Off Her Voluptuous Figure In Skintight Jeans & A Revealing Cropped T-Shirt

Chloe Saxon teased her followers with an incredibly sultry look via a new trio of Instagram snaps on Monday. She noted that all of her key pieces were from the online retailer Fashion Nova, and her bold presentation likely had many fans flocking to their site to check these garments out for themselves.

The setting for this new set of pictures was the corner of a room indoors. She had a gray carpet below her and white walls behind her. In addition, the corner of the room featured a unique mirrored piece of furniture with a silver sculpted animal on top of it.

The trio of pictures showed Chloe wearing a long-sleeved black top along with formfitting light-blue denim jeans. She added black stiletto boots that went over her knees and incorporated plenty of attitude to show off her bombshell curves.

She wore her jet-black tresses in a high ponytail and had a few loose wisps framing her face. She also rocked hoop earrings, and they synced perfectly with the O-rings that decorated the open front of her shirt.

The top had the word "Savage" screened across it with white tigers over the chest. A slit up the front revealed some skin and much of Chloe's busty assets. The rings pulled the fabric together in a tantalizing fashion.

In the first snapshot, Chloe was photographed from the side. She squatted down low to the ground, resting her booty on the heels of her over-the-knee boots. She looked over her shoulder at the camera as she arched her back to flaunt her curvy backside.

Chloe directly faced the camera in the second snap. She squatted down low and kneeled on one knee as she propped her other bent leg up in front of her. She tilted her head and let her ponytail whip to the side. In addition, she parted her lips slightly as she offered a sultry expression.

The third snap was equally as hot. She stood up and cocked a hip as she hooked a thumb in a belt loop. She again tilted her head to one side and boldly flashed her taut tummy, curvy hips, and buxom bosom.

Around 6,200 fans liked the snaps over the first couple of hours after Chloe had shared them, and 150 people also commented.

"Beautiful and perfect," one fan wrote.

"Gorgeous Queen babe," another praised.

"Chloe you look beautiful," a follower noted.

"Fit to perfection!!!" someone else commented.

Shortly before this titillating trio of snapshots, Chloe caused a stir among her fans by posing in a snakeskin bodysuit. Those pictures were somewhat more revealing than her Monday look, but both ensembles raised temperatures and generated a lot of buzz. Her followers go wild over every snap she shares, and these new photos were certainly no exception.