Camila Bernal Stuns While Sporting Booty Shorts, Skimpy Top In Spicy Video Share

Colombian bombshell Camila Bernal updated her popular Instagram profile with a full-motion reel that put a spotlight on her buxom curves. In the video update, the model and social media influencer thrilled her 1.4 million followers by strutting her stuff in a pair of beige booty shorts, a scanty white sports bra and a baseball cap. Although the outfit succeeded in covering her most intimate areas, it still allowed for a stunning accentuation of her voluptuous dimensions.

Bernal used the caption to tease her fans while advertising for a popular brand of energy drink. The ubiquitous beverage also featured heavily in the uploaded clip, but the 23-year-old made it difficult to look beyond her bouncy, hourglass-shaped body in the formfitting ensemble she wore.

The spicy video share made a measurable impact on Bernal's adoring masses, as it accrued almost 6,000 views in less than 30 minutes after first appearing on her feed. Meanwhile, the post's comments section was flush with words of praise.

"You know what? I'm just going to say it, Ohhhh Loooord!" raved one devotee.

"My love, you can't walk away from that tremendous, beautiful booty you have," read a second comment, as translated from Spanish by Google.

"Baddie," wrote another enamored admirer.

Bernal's video began with the camera documenting her as she moved methodically down a set of stairs in her skintight duds. That was followed by two quick cuts of the model rounding the corner and taking a seat at a table that was decorated with a flickering red candle and a vase filled with flowers. As she moved and eventually sat, her bountiful breasts and plump posterior appeared to bounce in tandem with her steps.

After one of many quick shots of the aforementioned energy drink was shown, the footage cut to a rear-side capture of Bernal as she sampled the beverage. Her booty was prominently perched atop her stool as she did so and her dark locks were shown tickling the upper reaches of her cheeky assets while she drank.

That was followed by multiple shots of Bernal taken from different angles, some of which boasted a clear view of her striking, symmetrical face and its full lips and brilliant brown eyes. Eventually, Bernal was shown grabbing a rose from the tabletop vase and using it to aid in her suggestive posturing for the camera.

Just a few hours before posting her reel, Bernal was similarly seductive in a post found her flaunting her famous backside in a stunning, curve-enhancing dress in all yellow.