Brandi Glanville Explains How 'Insensitive' Post About Erika Jayne's Divorce Turned Up On Her Instagram Page

Brandi Glanville says she did not share a post about Erika Jayne's divorce to her Instagram account.

On Tuesday, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Twitter to explain why a teaser about the 49-year-old pop singer's divorce announcement was shared with the 580,000 followers on her own Instagram page.

Shortly after Erika announced that she was divorcing her husband Tom Girardi after 21 years of marriage, a photo of the exes popped up on Brandi's feed with a "breaking news" announcement and a link to an article about "Erika & Tom DIVORCING" in her bio.

While the update received a few thousand likes, comments were disabled on it.

But according to Brandi, she did not share the tacky post. After deleting the breaking news story, the mom of two tweeted an explanation to her followers.

"I took a Xanax earlier because of what's going on in this world. I didn't see the post on my IG about @erikajayne until this eve & I deleted it the second I saw it. As I've said in the past [I] lease my social media out. I in no way would've been that insensitive."

Brandi Glanville appears on 'Watch What Happens Live.'
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Brandi previously revealed that she sometimes allows websites to share links to articles and ads on her page, but that she doesn't always agree with all the announcements that show up on her feed.

"I f*cking lease my Twitter & IG out to entertainment magazine so please don't think that's my f*cking opinion," she tweeted in May. "I'm here to make money."

But a few months ago she vowed that she would no longer be earning money by selling her Twitter and IG space.

"I'm taking back my social media!!! No more leasing sh*t out....Starting tomorrow night get ready," Brandi tweeted in August.

In the comments section to Brandi's tweet in which she denied sharing the story about Erika's divorce, some followers expressed confusion.

"Sis you also said you were taking your social media back so like make up your mind," wrote one Twitter follower.

Others pointed out that the insensitive update was still visible on Brandi's Instagram story, and another commenter tweeted that Brandi she should fire whoever is handling her social media.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans were shocked this week when longtime star Erika revealed she had split from her husband. The "Pretty Mess" singer asked fans for privacy as she deals with her personal matter, but the news has been making headlines all over -- not just on Brandi's feed.