Kate Beckinsale Wows In ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’-Inspired Halloween Costume

Kate Beckinsale attends the JAJA Tequila 'Party For No Reason.'
Erik Voake / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale stunned many of her Instagram followers this morning, taking to the social media platform to showcase a flamboyant Halloween costume inspired from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The British actress dressed up as Columbia (portrayed by Nell Campbell in the 1975 film), showing some skin in a colorful pair of striped booty shorts and sexy fishnet stockings.

The Widow star coupled the skimpy bottoms with a dazzling tuxedo jacket covered in countless metallic-gold sequins. The number was cropped in the front, cutting off well below her waist, and had a tail that draped over her backside and thigh.

Underneath, Kate wore a multicolored sequined top that hugged her figure, leaving a tasteful amount of cleavage on display.

The English beauty traded in her long, dark tresses for a short red wig, which was styled in a puffy bob. She accessorized with a sparkling bow tie in a fiery-red shade and wore a brilliant top hat to match her jacket.

The 47-year-old celebrity teamed up with gal pal Nina Kate for the captivating shot, who emulated a different character from the show. She portrayed Tim Curry’s iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter, rocking a medical gown and fishnets.

Her costume also featured a string of white pearls and glittery evening gloves, over which she wore a set of oversized latex gloves. She topped off her look with a raven wig sporting tousled curls that grazed her neck.

The two ladies snuggled close to each other as they posed with their backs to a wall. Kate, who was positioned to the left, was standing with her legs parted, leaning to the side and tipping her hat. Her pins were partly cropped out of the frame, which only showed one of her toned thighs. She looked into the camera with a smoldering stare, slightly squinting her eyes.

Meanwhile, Nina shot a spooky stare at the lens as she pulled up her glove with a frightening smirk. The see-through stockings flashed a glimpse of her impressive tattoo collection, while the rolled-up sleeve of her gown gave a peek at the tat on her arm.

Likewise, her pearls drew the eye to the ink on her neck, which was visible above the neckline.

The pic was snapped from a low angle that offered a stunning view of their eye-popping costumes. Kate penned an endearing caption for her post wherein she paid tribute to their friendship, adding a “2kates” hashtag.

So far, the photo has accrued nearly 32,000 likes and over 270 comments from her audience. Several were left speechless and used emoji instead of words, while many others couldn’t help but rave over the ladies’ fabulous costumes.

“Brilliant outfits! Love the red hair! Have a fab Halloween!” wrote one person.

“Someone is doing the time warp. Happy Halloween,” quipped a second Instagrammer.

“Omg you both look fantastic, and weirdly sexy to me,” said a third follower, leaving a pair of fire emoji and two purple hearts.

One fan almost took the post for a throwback photo.

“Ahh [sparkling-heart emoji] I can’t believe it is not you in 1999,” they wrote.