Lyna Perez Leaves Very Little To The Imagination In A Bedazzled String Bikini & Sneakers

Lyna Perez made an eye-popping return to her Instagram account on Thursday following an abnormal stretch of silence on the social media platform. The model typically shares something new to her page on almost a daily basis, but after a four-day hiatus, she made an appearance on her account just moments ago with a tantalizing image.

Lyna sat on the floor in the steamy new addition to her feed, propping her elbow up on a marble table behind her that also held a large statue of a bull with bright red horns. She wore a sultry expression on her face and pursed her lips in a sensual manner, her piercing brown eyes affixed on the camera in front of her.

She turned her hips to the side and bent both legs up at the knee, offering her fans a good look at the sneakers that she was sporting from Coops Kicks.

The mid-tops appeared to be a pair of Air Jordan 1's in the "Chicago 2020" design. They had red and white side panels and the iconic Nike swoosh in black, as well as black laces and the style's signature "Wings" logo.

The brunette bombshell's sleek footwear was certainly worth a look, but it was the model herself that truly captivated her followers. She was clad in a tiny bikini, making for an NSFW showing of skin that likely got many hearts racing.

The scanty swimwear included a plunging top with bedazzled cups that showed off her voluptuous chest, as well as an ample amount of cleavage and sideboob. It also had string straps that offered a peek at her toned arms and shoulders.

Due to the angle of the shot, it was impossible to tell if she wore bottoms in the smoldering snap. As a result, fans were treated to a full look at the social media star's pert derriere, as well as her lean legs and shapely thighs.

Fans certainly seemed thrilled to see Lyna back on their Instagram feeds and were hardly shy about showing the racy pic some love. It has amassed over 44,000 likes and 2,000-plus comments in less than an hour of going live.

"Amazing, stunning. Hope you're well," one person wrote.

"Hella hot," quipped another fan.

"On a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11," a third follower remarked.

"Baddie," added a fourth admirer.

Lyna is often scantily clad on her Instagram page. Prior to today, the model last dazzled her online audience on Sunday when she showed off her curvaceous backside in a silver thong. That look proved popular as well, racking up more than 164,000 likes and 4,393 comments, to date.