Abigail Ratchford Displays Killer Curves In Sexy Buckle Lingerie

Abigail Ratchford tantalized her legion of Instagram followers with a sexy lingerie slideshow on Wednesday, displaying her incredible figure in a black three-piece set adorned with chic metallic-gold buckles. The self-proclaimed "Queen of Curves" gave fans a close-up view of her voluptuous assets in the steamy pics, which cut off at the mid-thigh, teasing her thigh-high boots. Abigail also included a cropped version of the shots that put the spotlight on her hourglass frame, asking her online admirers to pick their favorite.

"Girl you know I can't decide!!" Neyleen Ashley wrote regarding her words, adding a pair of heart-eye emoji for emphasis.

"You look phenomenal in every photo," agreed another user, who also left a string of fire emoji for the sizzling brunette.

The captivating upload consisted of four photos that showed Abigail reading a book while posing next to a statue. The model stood with her hip cocked and legs slightly parted, flaunting her chiseled curves as she held the open tome up with one hand. In her right hand was a white rose, which matched the sculpted bust by her side as well as the ornate column it sat upon. The props offered an aesthetically pleasing contrast to her dark lingerie and raven tresses, which she had styled in loose waves that framed her face and spilled down her back.

The internet vixen rocked a super low-cut bralette that left a generous amount of cleavage on display. The item boasted a large cutout in the front, teasing a glimpse of the skimpy bra she wore underneath and was fastened with shiny buckles that perfectly framed her busty assets. Abigail coquettishly let the only visible strap slide down her arm, giving fans a peek at her shoulder. Her washboard abs were highlighted between the top and a matching garter belt, which rose just below her belly button, accentuating her waist and emphasizing her lean yet curvaceous figure.

The seductive ensemble was complete with revealing bottoms that exposed her tummy thanks to their low-rise, scooped waistline. The high-cut garment showed off her hips and thighs, which the sexy garters further highlighted. Just like the top, the other two pieces were also embellished with eye-catching buckles. Their golden shine mirrored Abigail's glowing tan. The outfit was additionally decorated with tiny studs along the waistband of the bottoms, as well as the sides of the garter belt and the bralette's cutout.

Abigail seemed engrossed in her reading. She had her eyes fixed on the open page, parting her plump lips in concentration. The shots were snapped from a low angle that afforded a great view of her incredible curves, calling attention to her strong thighs and the swell of her hip.

The model penned a witty caption for her post, reeling in substantial appreciation from her army of fans. Her supporters clicked the like button on her photos more than 31,000 times and left nearly 430 comments, all within four hours. Fellow models and influencers also showed their love for the suggestive shoot, complimenting Abigail's hot look in the comments section.

"Such a hottie," Suzie Del Vecchio wrote, leaving a trail of flames for emphasis. "Love this outfit!" she added.

"I need your abs omg," gushed Valeria Mercado, adding a trio of heart-eye emoji.

Laci Kay Somers also chimed in with two heart-eye emoji.