Anastasiya Kvitko Sizzles In New Bang Energy Video

The "Russian Kim Kardashian" of Instagram, Anastasiya Kvitko, shared a new video on her Instagram page on Thursday, October 22. This was another promotional effort for Bang Energy, and as is nearly always the case, her 11.7 million followers loved it.

Kvitko wore sunglasses along with a black sports bra and a pleated white skirt. The skirt appeared to be the same one that she chose to wear in a couple of previous videos, and it's one that people often rave over as it suits her figure quite well.

The flowy fabric beautifully showcased Kvitko's voluptuous backside. The social media starlet went with a fairly basic pair of white flats on her feet, rather than going with heels as she usually does.

The model added a sparkly pair of earrings, as well as several bracelets that adorned both of her wrists. Her long brunette hair was styled in a center part and appeared to have some reddish highlights incorporated into her layers. Naturally, Kvitko made sure to tantalize her followers with some hair flips as she twirled and walked around.

The low scoop of Kvitko's workout bra revealed an incredible amount of cleavage. A portion of the model's midriff was left bare with this ensemble and the pieces gave her the opportunity to showcase her extreme hourglass curves.

The 25-year-old strolled along a brick pathway near a high-end bag shop. A bright red sports car could be seen on the street just feet away from where she filmed and several bicycles were dotted along the walkway as well. The lush greenery and gorgeous architectural touches of the exterior of the shops added a hint of luxury to the setting.

The clip was viewed nearly 250,000 times during the first hour after Kvitko had posted it. Fans flooded her post with around 250 comments and 8,000 likes as they fawned over the new Bang Energy promotional video.

"A gorgeous queen omg so unbelievably stunning," a follower wrote.

"Amazing woman so beautiful," another social media user noted.

"You look amazing pretty girl," a fan raved.

"Beautiful body and wonderful body of goddess," a fourth person declared.

Kvitko's previous Bang Energy clips where she rocked the same skirt also generated an enormous amount of engagement from her followers. The new video certainly seems well on its way to surpassing the popularity of the previous ones, and it doesn't appear that anybody has tired of this go-to style of hers yet.