Lindsay Brewer Gets Cozy With Blond Friend Under A Dock In Cancun: 'Life's Short, Wear A Bikini'

Shawna Cory

Race car driver and Instagram model Lindsay Brewer took to her social media page on Wednesday afternoon with a sultry update that heated things up for her 1.3 million followers.

According to the geotag, Lindsay and her friend were at the beach in Cancun, Mexico, where they appeared to be taking refuge from the bright afternoon sunshine beneath a dock. Both ladies wore skimpy string bikinis and enjoyed tropical fruit placed on long, wooden sticks.

They looked stunning in the trio of snaps, posing very closely together and flashing coquettish smiles at the camera while brandishing their sweet treats. In the first hour after the post was uploaded, over 32,000 fans agreed by hitting the "like" button.

Lindsay wore an elegant metal-toned bikini that exposed lots of bare skin. The top featured small gold sequined cups, which were pushed far apart from one another to show off her rounded cleavage. The straps encircling her ribs and tied behind her neck were a shimmery copper color.

The bottoms had matching straps that tied in big bows high over her hips and were attached to the body of the suit with large gold rings that rested against either side of her taut belly. The rest of the fabric had a glimmering silver base with gold and bronze flowers.

Lindsay clutched a triangular chunk of watermelon with a skewer poked through the rind in her right hand and appeared to have her arm casually wrapped around the other girl's hip.

The women stood in calm blue-green water which was just level with their upper thighs, giving an ample view of their bare backsides as they playfully posed.

Last month, as reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay flaunted her curves in another familiar environment — a small blue convertible. While she is used to being in the driver's seat, she perched on the backseat of the sleek sports car in that snap. She flashed a huge smile and flaunted her figure in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a cleavage-bearing white top that emphasized her deep, bronzed skin.