Vanessa Hudgens Rocks Fishnet Stockings And Thigh-High Boots While Dancing Seductively With A Whip

Vanessa Hudgens attends Volkswagen's annual Holiday Drive-In at Goya Studios on November 30, 2018
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens has picked up a new hobby, and quite the tantalizing one at that. The High School Musical star shared a new video to her Instagram page on October 21 where she showed off her fun new skill. It looks like Vanessa has taken on the world of prop dancing with a fiber optic whip. It has the feel of a LED hula hoop dance but is a little more enticing, as the whip can move and bend around the dancer’s body.

In the new post, Vanessa sported a pair of black thigh-high boots over fishnet stockings. She wore a long-sleeved T-shirt dress featuring the band Emperor’s logo, as well as a choker necklace to match. Her long hair was pulled up in a super-high ponytail, making her wavy locks fall on the sides of her face. She danced in her kitchen, which had cabinets and a microwave behind her. A large Halloween-inspired backdrop with black strings covered in creepy spiders was also visible in the background.

In the video, Vanessa danced to “I Put a Spell On You” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins as she pulled the neon green whip all over her body. The fiber optic strands wove in and around her arms, legs, neck, and waist as she moved her hips back and forth in a very seductive way.

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New hobby ????????????????

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In just a few hours, the post brought in over 450,000 likes and had 3,000 comments. Many noted how hot the video was and how mesmerized they were by everything going on in the brief clip.

“This looks trippy,” one user wrote.

“Who is this new darker Vanessa hudgens and why do I like her so much better,” added another.


“Stoppp this is everything???????? I want one sooo bad,” admitted a fourth fan.

Others welcomed Vanessa to the flow community — a group of artists known for performances with props, neon lights, and effortless dance moves.

The dark theme of the post matched Vanessa’s recent Halloween obsession, as she has been sharing spooky images and costume ensembles recently. On Monday, the 31-year-old posed in a lacy corset while sporting an extravagant headpiece. She noted she was inspired by Cabaret, as she wore a silk kimono with large feather cuffs. She also traveled to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery last week and shared several photos of her posing near tombstones to her feed.