Kelsie Jean Smeby Flaunts Curves In Bikini & White Cover-Up: ‘Dear Future Self Letter’

Kelsie Jean Smeby on Instagram.
Kelsie Jean Smeby / Instagram

Model Kelsie Jean Smeby continued sharing photos from her fabulous Maldives vacation on Monday. In her latest Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself enjoying a bed swing while outdoors.

In the photo, Kelsie was framed by four ropes that connected to the round swinging lounge. The furniture featured dark brown wicker and a large khaki cushion. A wooden tray sat by her side. In the background, a window with sheer drapes and part of a beige wall were both visible.

Kelsie sat atop the lounge with her legs spread wide and her knees bent at the edge of the seat. She wore pink bikini bottoms that dipped low in front, showing off her taut stomach. A pair of twisted adjustable straps rose over her curvy hips, emphasizing their swell in relation to her slender waist. A hint of the matching top was visible in a strap that went over her shoulder. She sported a translucent, long-sleeved white top as a cover-up, and she tied it just below her chest, revealing her toned abs.

The model wore her long brown hair down, and it hung in slightly damp waves over one shoulder and down her back. She stared straight at the camera, and her blue eyes popped as she held her full lips closed with a hint of a smile. Her skin seemed to shimmer in the bright sunlight. For accessories, Kelsie wore gold bangle bracelets, rings, and a long necklace.

Kelsie wondered if anybody had ever written a letter to their future selves, and lots of her Instagram followers responded. Nearly 3,100 hit the “like” button, and more than 125 took the time to leave an uplifting comment.

“You are a future worth going after, babe! You look smoking hot. Have fun,” enthused one fan, who added several red hearts.

“Woooooow, my little angel face. Every time I see you, I don’t know if you are a dream or a reality, but if I am dreaming, I don’t want to wake up. You look so heavenly and amazingly sexy,” a second follower replied, adding several double hearts, diamonds, and roses to the comment.

“Very sexy woman. You are a beautiful goddess,” declared a third devotee.

“Hello, beautiful Kelsie. You’re always AMAZING and so Beautiful that you are Shining ALL the time!!!!! Just enjoy whatever makes You happy and go for it!!!!! Sending you love and wishing you a lovely day,” a fourth follower wrote, including some hug and kiss emoji.