Yaslen Clemente Shakes Her Assets In Halter Wrap Monokini To Celebrate Launch Of Her Swimwear Line

Model, influencer and bikini fashionista Yaslen Clemente returned to Instagram with a sexy new video to promote the launch of her swimwear line. The post, which was uploaded to her feed on Saturday, October 10, featured a short clip of the noted fitness fanatic shaking her athletic assets to the sounds of "Dream Girl" by Ir Sais and Rauw Alejandro, while she sported one of her custom creations.

The 23-year-old Bikinis By Yas CEO was wearing a halter wrap monokini as she danced in the video. It was a skimpy garment that allowed for a significant showing of skin.

In the accompanying caption, Clemente announced a fashion show launch event for her line that will be streamed live on her YouTube channel. And while there was a level of enthusiasm for the event in the post's comments section, a vocal contingent of fans and followers were seemingly more enthralled by her alluring appearance and seductive swaying in the update.

"You are so beautiful and attractive," opined one admirer. "As always."

"Don't do that..." joked a second fan, in reference to Clemente's movement. "Okay keep going!"

"Looking good," gushed another devotee, who also appraised her as being "super model gorgeous."

"Girl you're killing it," raved a fourth fan, who added a slew of fire emoji.

As the clip began, Clemente tugged at the waist of her monokini, ran both hands through her curly, shoulder-length hair and then began to mouth along with the song's lyrics. Shortly thereafter, she started to jostle her hips about in unison with the beat of the music.

The upper half of the social media star's monokini was beige and crisscrossed just above her bustline, after which it curled around her neck. Due to its scanty nature, the swimsuit gave way to a clear view of cleavage and underboob. Her bare navel was also visible in the shot. The garment's bottom section was baby blue and curled up above Clemente's shapely hips where it was attached to the halter wrap top.

In short order, Clemente's slow dance evolved into a full-on booty shake as she turned her back to the camera. The rear view revealed her suit's thong bottom, which made for a particularly cheeky display as Clemente shook her midsection.

As the clip approached its loop point, she turned about once more and leaned in close to the camera to offer an impish smile.

Clemente's spicy video was a big hit with her 2.2 million followers, racking up 10,000-plus double taps in just a few hours.

Earlier in the weekend, Clemente showed off her insane curves while hitting the gym in a similarly skimpy ensemble.