Instagram Model Julia Muniz Shows Off Her Fit Booty While Surfing In A Thong Wetsuit

Julia Muniz posts a selfie on Instagram
Julia Muniz / Instagram

Instagram model Julia Muniz delighted fans with an eyeful of her athletic figure for her latest upload. In the snap, which has since been removed, she was photographed in a thong wetsuit that accentuated her curvy backside while she was out on a surfboard.

The Brazilian beauty is known for her jaw-dropping looks and for her skills as a surfer, and in this pic, she was enjoying the sport she loves. Muniz tagged her location as Snapper Rocks in Australia, and she was surrounded by blueish-green water. The sky was a light baby blue, and there were a few other surfers visible in the distance as tiny waves could be seen forming.

Muniz was filmed from behind as she laid out on her board. She arched her back as she was caught mid-paddle with her stomach flat and her head pointed out. Her right hand was extended for a stroke, and her feet were raised to kick. Muniz’s long dark hair was slicked back as she kept her head raised.

The 22-year-old sported a wetsuit that was long-sleeved and had a thong bottom. It clung to her body and could be seen outlining her athletic arms, and hugging tightly to her chest. Her dark complexion popped against the light-colored backdrop, and she looked silhouetted against the water. The thong bottom helped elongate her soaked legs, and treated fans to an eyeful of her fit booty as her lower body contrasted against the white surfboard.

For the caption, Muniz mentioned how excited she was for the upcoming summer in Australia. She added heart-eye and butterfly emoji to the caption, and tagged photographer Rafaela Maia in the picture before uploading it on Thursday.

Many of the social media influencer’s 760,000 Instagram followers took notice of the surfing snap, and nearly 8,300 showed their approval by hitting the like button in just less than a day. Her replies were flooded with heart-eye and different-colored heart emoji.

Fans left comments in both English and Portuguese, and many of them complimented her stunning figure along with the breathtaking scenery.

“This pic should be framed Julia,” one admirer commented.

“Gorgeous, amiga,” an Instagram user replied.

“Beautiful shot,” a fan wrote while adding a heart emoji.

“Gorgeous,” a follower responded.

As covered by The Inquisitr, Muniz recently flaunted her curves in a scintillating video. She sported a knitted bikini that barely contained her assets along with a shell necklace. The Brazilian was filmed walking along the shore of a beach as she danced and struck several sultry poses.