October 8, 2020
Gabby Epstein Wears Just Skimpy Bikini Bottoms In New Topless Snap

Gabby Epstein tantalized many of her 2.3 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, October 7, when she took to the social media app to share a hot new photo. She rocked a pair of bikini bottoms and nothing else as she encouraged fans to do whatever brings them joy.

The photo captured the Australian model and influencer sitting in a black chair on a wooden deck overlooking the ocean. The camera shot her from the front as Epstein turned her torso slightly toward the sea. Her facial expression was pensive as she kept her eyes soft and fixed on a point off in the distance.

Epstein held a glass close to her lips. She crossed her free arm over her bare chest, thus censoring the photo. On her lower body, she had on a pair of black bikini bottoms. They featured a classic U-shaped waistband whose sides were placed high, baring her toned hips. She crossed her left leg over the right, accentuating her curves.

Her blond hair was brushed to the side and pulled back in a low bun. Epstein accessorized her look with a couple of gold chain necklaces, one of which included a pendant, and matching earrings.

Epstein paired the shot with a message in which she urged people to indulge in the things that make them happy, whether that is drinking a "pumpkin spice," putting up "your Christmas tree," or sitting "naked on a strangers balcony."

In under a day, the picture has attracted more than 42,000 likes and upward of 320 comments. Her fans used the occasion to joke along with Epstein by referring to her caption and to rave about her good looks.

"Great philosophy Gabby," one user wrote.

"Omg... who DID THAT??? WHO STOLE YOUR BRA??? TELL Meeeeeee!!! That's not cool!!!" joked another fan.

"If I did what you're saying is okay now I'd be in prison so quick," a third admirer chimed in, adding a laughing emoji.

"Sit naked on any balcony you wish! Mine included [champagne flutes emoji] mine is mostly a deck. You're right!" added a fourth user.

Epstein is well known among her fans for her posts that are both sexy and funny. As reported by The Inquisitr, she posted another such image earlier this week. She was captured leaning back on a lounge chair while holding a glass of margarita. She joked in the caption that the beverage was her "quarantine coffee." She wore a racy teal two-piece featuring a straight-cut top that bared a lot of underboob, and her bottoms had medium straps that sat high.