October 8, 2020
'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Fans Believe Sun Could Be Mandy Moore

Last month, The Masked Singer returned to Fox and premiered its fourth season. One contestant that seems to be a fan favorite is the Sun, who some viewers believe is a famous female singer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, for their debut performance, the Sun showed off their vocals by singing Lizzo's "Cuz I Love You." From the a cappella intro, it was clear this wasn't the first time they had performed on a stage.

Last night, the competitor continued to blow the panelists away by singing Kesha's powerful "Praying."

In their first clue package, the Sun said when they "sprung into existence," they felt like the center of the universe. At the beginning, they enjoyed fame. However, that soon changed as they started to feel the pressure. The visual showed the Sun on top of the world with trees that morphed into what looked like Mickey Mouse's head. They said they felt "frozen" at one point, which sent them into a deep depression.

During their second clue package, they explained they missed out on a childhood due to growing up in a fractured home. In recent years, they've made up for the lost time and discovered childlike outlets to make life magical. They referred to themselves as a "material girl" and stated they are burning the "ugly rumors" out of their life. The character was also seen mixing a potion with candy canes.

When it came down to the panel guessing who could be behind the mask, they were still confident it is an established female songstress.

Nicole Scherzinger expressed how captivating she felt by the Sun's performance and stated it was her favorite female performance she's ever heard on The Masked Singer.

Jenny McCarthy's first guess was former Disney Channel star Demi Lovato, who had her own show titled Sonny with a Chance. However, she threw another name into the pot this week and assumed it may be singer and actress Mandy Moore. The 36-year-old has a hit song titled "Candy," which could link to the candy canes.

Robin Thicke stole Scherzinger's guess from last time and said Katherine McPhee, while the Pussycat Doll went with Carrie Underwood.

Fans on social media seem to be siding with McCarthy and are convinced Moore is the Sun.

"I think the sun is Mandy Moore #TheMaskedSinger," one user tweeted.

"idk if yall watch the masked singer but mandy moore is 1000% the sun," another person shared on Twitter.

"I think its @TheMandyMoore she voiced rapunzel in Disney's tangled and the sun was a big symbol in the movie...her character 'Rapunzel' was also an Easter egg in the Frozen movie," remarked a third account on Twitter.

The Sun currently remains in the competition, meaning viewers will have to continue watching to find out if Moore is underneath the mask.

Last night, Giraffe was the latest contestant eliminated, which was revealed to be a famous actor.