Dove Cameron Puts On Leggy Display In Tiny Green Dress, Shows Off Her Snake Tattoo

Dove Cameron is giving fans a glimpse of her snake tattoo and showing off plenty of leg in her latest revealing Instagram posts.

The actress took to the social media site this weekend to show off a series of pictures of herself wearing a tiny green dress. In her first of two posts, Cameron had the camera cropped closely to her body as she lifted a leg in the air, showing off the tattoo that started just above her ankle and winded halfway down her foot. The silky green dress hung off to the side, offering a good look at her long and lean legs.

In another post, she shared more pictures of the revealing outfit and her ink. In the first shot, Cameron sat cross-legged as she shot a sultry look toward the camera, her dress once again sitting high on her leg to show off plenty of skin. She tilted her head to the side in the second photo and closed her eyes, sitting up straight and lifting her foot higher to show another glimpse at the ankle and foot tattoo.The pictures were a huge hit with the Disney star's 37.6 million followers, racking up more than 1.5 million likes and attracting plenty of compliments.

"Baaaabe, that's the snake power," a fan wrote.

"So it's true... god is a woman," gushed another follower.

While Cameron was giving fans a close-up look at her ink, the actress has opened up in the past about the deep meaning behind each one of her tattoos.

As Refinery29 reported, she actually got her first body art at the age of 14, and has been steadily building up her collection since then. Each one has a personal meaning and came at an important time in her life, the actress explained, including one in honor of her friend and fellow Disney actor, Cameron Boyce, after his sudden passing last year.

Cameron said she picked the slithery reptile because she wanted to flip its meaning from negative to positive, noting that she had first got a tattoo on her finger.

"There's been lots of mythology that equates femininity with snake-like behavior in a negative way. I got really pissed about that one day and decided to take back the snake," she said. "The snake is sexy and it represents new life — shedding the old image, rebirth, transformation and two worlds — so I put it on my middle finger."