Madison Pettis Looks Awkward With Lingerie In 'American Pie' Teaser, Says Fans Aren't Ready For Opening Scene

Madison Pettis teased that something wild is going to happen at the beginning of her raunchy upcoming movie, American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules. The actress made the revelation on Tuesday when she took to Instagram to share a short teaser video for the film. The clip included footage of her character looking a bit uncomfortable as she inspected some see-through lingerie.

Madison, 22, rose to fame when she starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the 2007 family movie The Game Plan. She went on to gain a large fan following as one of the lead characters on the Disney Channel series Cory in the House. Because of her wholesome past roles, many of her Instagram followers often let her know that it makes them uncomfortable when she shares racy photos on her account. She seemed to acknowledge their feelings during an exchange with one of her Girls' Rules costars, Natasha Behnam.

"Your opening scene is about to annihilate half the population," Natasha teased.

"HAHAHAH I really don't think they're ready," Madison replied.

The video Madison posted gave fans a brief introduction to her character, Annie. In one scene, she confidently strutted down a sidewalk in a trench coat with a tied waist. Another clip showed her holding up a sheer black thong and staring at it with a look of obvious discomfort. However, as many of her fans know, the Savage X Fenty ambassador has no issue with rocking skimpy lingerie in real life.

Annie looked sure of herself once more as she tossed her long curls back at a party. In the next scene, she loudly proclaimed that she was "going to have sex with the man that I love." She was walking outside on a high school campus, and other students responded to her declaration by wishing her luck.

In response to her post, a number of Madison's fans remarked on how strange they find it to see her starring in an R-rated sex comedy.

"I cannot watch this! All I see is still that cute innocent little girl," read one message.

"I'm sorry it's still weird for me seeing you all grown up because in my mind you're still a child but then I remember you were a child when I was a child and we're the same age," another commenter remarked.

American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules will premiere October 6 on digital, DVD, and on demand. Madison also revealed that it will be released on Netflix in the near future. According to MovieWeb, it's the first movie in the American Pie franchise to be released in over a decade. Besides Madison and Natasha, the female-led cast includes Instakiller star Lizze Broadway and another former Disney channel alum, I Didn't Do It actress Piper Curda. Never Have I Ever star Darren Barnet and Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor Zachary Gordon play two of the male leads.