Britney Spears Dances In Bralette And Booty Shorts & Promises Her Body Will Get 'A Little Sweatier'

Britney Spears took to Instagram to tease that her dance videos are about to get more intense. Her September 14 social media update included footage from one of her latest performances at home. The "Oops!... I Did It Again" songstress rocked a revealing all-black ensemble as she put on an energetic show for her fans.

Britney, 38, wore a black bralette with sheer panels and scalloped edges that gave it a lingerie-like appearance. It also had a deep V-neck and skinny shoulder straps. Her bottoms were a pair of black booty shorts that tightly hugged her body. They had subtle side splits and a low-rise waist. At various points during her performance, Britney tugged the shorts' waistband down dangerously low.

Britney danced to the steamy Madonna song "Justify My Love." Her freestyle routine included many occurrences of two of her signature moves -- playful twirls and dramatic hair flips. Her blond mane looked untamed. She also incorporated her hair into her performance by lifting it high up in the air and swinging it around. She provocatively rolled her hips and ran her hands over her body. She also experimented with more than one seductive slow walk toward the camera. Near the end of the footage, she flashed a smoldering look as she made a come-hither gesture with her fingers.

Britney used a filter to make her video look like an old film. The effect gave it a grainy texture and added a scrolling reel frame on the side. In her caption, the "Toxic" hitmaker revealed that her body in future videos will get "sweatier" and her hair will be "wilder" as she works on a mysterious project called "Just a Touch of Red."

The reaction to Britney's post was mixed. Some fans complained about the singer showing off the same dance moves in all of her videos, while others expressed confusion and concern over her behavior. She also received plenty of praise, and some fans begged for more details about her new project.

"I've never been more excited for something I'm so confused about," read one message.

"You're either losing your mind or being controlled I can't tell at this point," another person wrote.

"Baby you gotta do something else I'm tired of the same dance in the same spot," a third commenter added.

"Love you Britney hope you're doing okay! Take your freedom back," said a fourth fan.

A few commenters also noticed that the musician was wearing the same outfit in an upload that she shared a few days earlier. In the caption, she told her followers to check out her butt and claimed that it was smaller from being on "the candy diet." You can view the post here.