'General Hospital' Star Laura Wright Slays In Sultry Bedroom Selfie: 'This Is 50'

General Hospital star Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) just celebrated a big birthday. The actress took to Instagram on Friday to share a sexy selfie and embrace the fact she had just turned 50 years old.

The photo appeared to have been snapped in her bedroom. She stood sideways to the camera as she took the photograph, and it looked like she may have just been wearing a pair of lacy white panties.

Laura had her arms crossed over her chest as she held the phone in one hand. Her blond hair was styled casually, her tresses cascading over her shoulders, and she looked down at her phone as she snapped the picture.

The room was dimly lit and it appeared that most of the light came from the uncovered window behind Laura. The television star's physique looked fantastic, a point that all of her fans seemed to agree on.

In her caption, Laura noted that her 40s were devastating, but she acknowledged that the past decade had its amazing moments, too. She said she'd lost a lot, and this surely was a reference, at least in part, to when both of her parents died.

Laura's mother died in October 2018, and her father passed just a couple of months later in December. She has been open in a handful of social media posts since then about her deep grief over these losses, but as she noted, she has had uplifting experiences the past few years as well.

Many General Hospital fans know that she is currently dating her co-star, Wes Ramsey (Peter August), and this relationship is surely one of the positives she referenced. The two actually started their relationship before he joined the GH cast, and their characters rarely interact on-screen. Off-screen, however, they are virtually inseparable these days.

After sharing her sultry bedroom selfie in celebration of her 50th birthday, fans and fellow soap stars flooded her post with flattering comments and celebratory wishes.

"Gorgeous Goddess ~ SHINE ON," one person wrote.

"You are absolutely stunning. Have always thought that. #gettingbetterwithage," a fan declared.

"Wow! Didn't realize it was your picture, just a cool lingerie model! Great stuff!" another user shared.

"You've put a new face and expectation on 50!" praised someone else.

Laura doesn't get to show this side of herself often, if at all, on General Hospital these days. Her character of Carly remains feisty and gorgeous but is rarely given any sultry scenes.

She may not get to flaunt her stunning figure on-screen, but this upload showed that she's as gorgeous as ever. Many of her followers were rather stunned to realize she had just turned 50, and she proved that -- as one hashtag indicated -- she is most definitely a beautiful queen.