September 8, 2020
Lauren Simpson Rocks Itty-Bitty Bikini & Tells Followers To Stop Stressing Over The Scale

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a sexy snap to social media platform Instagram on Monday, September 7, in which she flaunted her chiseled figure in a tiny bikini alongside a message to her followers about not stressing over their weight.

In the photo, the fitness trainer wore a green bikini. The top had a modest design, with skinny spaghetti straps and a large strip of material that clung to her chest. Despite the high neckline, it left plenty of skin exposed along her upper body, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms and shoulders.

The string bottoms were tied in bows at her hips while the front dipped low, showcasing the length of her chiseled abs. While the photo was taken from the front, the bottoms appeared to be a thong cut, teasing viewers with a glimpse of Lauren's gym-honed glutes. Her long, shapely legs were also a focus of the shot. Lauren completed the look with her long, platinum blond tresses left loose and flowing down her back to her waist.

The background of the shot included a large infinity pool with the ocean beyond. A small hut could be seen to the side. Lauren stood in the forefront of the frame with her body turned slightly to the side. She looked down at the ground as she lifted one arm to push her hair back. She raised the other arm as well, leaving it poised at shoulder level. Lauren popped the hip closest to the photographer while pointing the opposite leg out in front. The position served to elongate her lower body and flaunt her booty. The shot also gave her followers an eyeful of her abdomen.

In the caption of the photo, Lauren wrote about how to let go of the scale. She told fans that she currently weighs more than she has all year but that her training and progress are what she chooses to focus on. She explained that bodies are designed to change and that weight can fluctuate throughout the day depending on various factors, including hormones, water retention, food, bathroom frequency, and stress. Lauren urged her followers to stop stressing over the scale because what's important is how they look and feel, not what they weigh.

The post earned just over 15,000 likes and more than 350 comments within the first day of appearing on the photo-sharing site. Many of Lauren's fans expressed their love and admiration for her in the comments section.

"Well said! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out!" one Instagram user commented.