Danica Patrick Flaunts Her Legs In Skimpy Bikini Bottoms And Shows Off Wakesurfing Skills

Former NASCAR and IndyCar driver Danica Patrick looked like she was well on her way to mastering another sport during a trip to Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, the talented athlete took to Instagram to share a video that showed her demonstrating impressive wakesurfing skills and also featured her in her eye-catching bikini bottoms which gave fans a good look at her muscular legs.

Danica, 38, made waves by getting behind the wheel of fast vehicles during her high-profile career as a race car driver, but she had to let someone else do the driving to participate in a water sport that seems to be growing in popularity.

Wakesurfing is similar to wakeboarding, but Danica's bare feet weren't strapped to the wakesurf board. It was also much wider than a wakeboard, and it had a pointed tip. In an Instagram post that she shared on August 5, Danica confessed that she didn't even know that there was a difference between the two water sports at first. That upload included footage of one of her earliest attempts at surfing on a wave-less lake and can be seen here.

Danica's latest upload showed how much she has improved in just one month. In her original video, she never let go of the handle attached to the towrope and looked unsteady as she concentrated on riding the wake created by the boat in front of her. She appeared to be more surefooted in her update. After expertly zigzagging over the rolling water for a few moments, she let go of the handle. She managed to stay upright for about 12 seconds after she tossed it aside.

In her caption, Danica revealed that she was sharing footage of the first time she successfully surfed without holding onto the rope. Her companions on the boat could be heard celebrating her accomplishment and cheering her on.

Danica wore a bikini, but the top half of the two-piece was covered up by her black life jacket. Her black bottoms were a low-rise design with textured white trim.

The breathtaking backdrop of her video was a desert landscape with red rock mountains and buttes set against a clear blue sky. Everything about the footage seemed to impress her followers, including the scenery, her body, and her athletic ability.

"Is there anything you can't do well?" wrote one fan.

"We all know, that is the sexiest woman on earth, never to be repeated," declared another admirer.

"Looks like the backdrop to westworld," a third remark read.

"Congrats—I've done that and it isn't easy. Big props!" a fourth person cheered.

Danica also thrilled her fans by remaining on the boat in a previous Instagram post. It included a rear view of her amazing bikini body.