Jasmine Sanders Flaunts Incredible Bod In Skimpy Lingerie In New Pic

Mizuki Hisaka

Jasmine Sanders has shared two new Instagram posts with her adoring followers today, and they all featured herself rocking a skimpy blue lingerie set. There were two photos in her most recent update, and she took full advantage of the strategically-placed mirrors to show off all angles of her incredible figure.

In the first snap, Jasmine stood with her left hip popped and placed her hands on the side of her head with her elbows out while glancing to the side with a flirty pout. Her braided locks were brushed behind her shoulders. Her inner arm tattoo was hard to miss in the shot.

Her bra was especially eye-catching as it used two different kinds of fabric. The base was a bright dark blue tone with lacy accents, and it had a shimmery clear overlay that offered a futuristic vibe. Her matching thong had triple straps and allowed her to show off her booty.

The mirrors in the space meant that the front of Jasmine's figure and the back of her derrière were both visible at the same time. And although the room was dimly lit, she was bathed in bright lighting.

In the second picture, Jasmine arched her lower back and popped out her hip, placing her hand on the side of her waist. Her large rings were hard to miss, along with her sparkling necklace. She also accessorized with multiple silver bracelets and a pair of long earrings.

Her face was cropped out in the foreground but it was visible in the reflection in the background.

"This color looks good on you," noted an admirer.

"Let the church say AMEN....AMEN!" exclaimed a second devotee.

Others responded to her caption.

"The fact that you know that theme song," wrote a third fan.

"If you throwin' bands Then you know she gon' shake it," added another supporter.

In addition, five days ago, Jasmine posted another update, that time a three-part set of herself wearing a pink outfit. She was photographed as she walked outside and put a black face mask on, exuding playful, flirty vibes throughout. Her outfit included a cropped pink top with a hoodie and a thick band at the bottom and a pair of matching shorts. She completed her look with a pair of white sneakers and high socks.