September 8, 2020
'Selling Sunset' Star Christine Quinn Says Chrishell Stause Has A 'Victim Mentality' In Justin Hartley Divorce

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn says her co-star Chrishell Stause has a "victim mentality" about everything.

On the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Christine said Chrishell is trying to paint Justin Hartley as a bad guy in the former couple's high-profile divorce, and that part of the ongoing feud with her co-star is over the fact that she didn't talk bad about the This Is Us star to the press.

Fans of the Netflix reality show know that the two women have butted heads for the past three seasons, but things escalated when Christine talked to the media and said Justin was always nice to her even when Chrishell snubbed her. While Chrishell accused Christine of "feeding" information about her split to the media, Christine thinks her flattering words about Chrishell's estranged ex is what really caused the rift in their faltering friendship.

"She's trying to, you know, have this portrayal of Justin Hartley being such a bad guy and just walking out on her."
"I've met him and he was nice to me and that's what the interviewer asked me and that's what I was going off of. I thought maybe she got mad that I was saying he's a nice guy," Christine added in the new interview, per House Beautiful.

Christine, who also dished to press that the couple was in therapy, said she thinks Chrishell acts like a victim and that it may stem back to her childhood when she grew up poor.

"She's kind of had and always has had this kind of victim mentality. She's always the victim of something."

Chrishell Stause in the Season 3 finale of Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset fans saw Chrishell's personal drama play out on the third season of the Netflix hit. The luxury realtor claimed to be blindsided by her famous husband's court filing in scenes filmed last fall.

In one of the episodes, Christine questioned Chrishell's claims that she had no idea why her spouse of two years filed for divorce. Co-star Davina Potratz also said there are "two sides" to every story and said it wasn't fair to judge the actor without knowing his side.

While Chrishell claimed that her husband filed for divorce out of the blue and sent her a text to let her know their marriage was over, Christine previously told Page Six that the celebrity couple had been seeking help for their marital issues before the headline-making split. Christine told the outlet two had "communication issues" and were in therapy before the court filing last November.