Robbery At Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi's Montecito Mansion May Have Been 'An Inside Job,' Sources Claim

According to an exclusive report from The Sun, the robbery that took place at Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi's $27 million Montecito mansion may have been "an inside job."

When cops initially investigated the burglary in early July, they believed the couple was targeted due to their wealthy celebrity status. However, the Montecito Association affiliated with the talk show host's home now thinks the entire thing might have been orchestrated by someone DeGeneres knew personally.

The Sun reported that the neighborhood group heard from a local sheriff that no one else living in the area needed to be concerned because the theft was most likely carried out by someone close to DeGeneres.

"If it had been a case of outsiders coming in and breaking and entering, I'd have alerted you to be on the lookout and lock up everything," read a newsletter sent out on August 12.

The letter also said members of the community have "gotten far more vigilant" in light of the robbery.

"Now we question strange vehicles on our streets, camping at our trails, and other incursions that may not be good for the community."
The publication asked for an update from the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office, and a public information officer told them that the investigation was still ongoing.

Despite the incident potentially being carried out by someone on the "inside," the outlet noted that "there is no indication that Ellen or Portia had any involvement in the robbery."

The Sun also stated that it was not confirmed if the couple were home during the event.

Ellen DeGeneres (L) and actress Portia de Rossi attend the People's Choice Awards 2017
Getty Images | Christopher Polk

It is not yet clear how much was taken from the mansion, although TMZ originally reported that among the stolen items were several "high-value jewelry and watches."

On social media, several people have voiced their agreement with the assertion that the burglary might have been carried out by someone specifically targeting DeGeneres and her wife, if only because there were no other incidents at the affluent estates surrounding them.

Among their most notable neighbors are Oprah Winfrey and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

While authorities continue to look into what happened, DeGeneres has had to deal with public outcry against her as several current and former staff members have accused her and members of production at The Ellen DeGeneres Show of being cruel and abusive.

On Thursday, The Inquisitr reported that the 62-year-old had allegedly told her staff not to talk to anyone in the press, essentially issuing an informal gag order until further notice.