Jojo Babie Flaunts Round Booty In A Thong Bodysuit On Instagram

Jojo Babie has shared two new photos to her Instagram page over the past week, and they've both received lots of positive attention. In her most recent share that was posted today, she showed off her round booty in an all-black ensemble.

The model posed outside on what appeared to be a rooftop parking lot, and she stood with her feet apart and her back angled toward the camera.

Her ensemble included a black thong bodysuit that allowed her to showcase her derrière, and it looked to have a revealing cut in the front as a hint of her underboob was visible. She paired the sexy piece with a baggy, black long-sleeved shirt that had a high cut, and she also held a matching sweater in both hands.

The sweater hung just below her booty and featured a white graphic of a woman's face and abstract shapes on the back. Jojo completed her outfit with a pair of high-heeled sandals with ankle straps.

She wore her hair down in a middle part and brushed her voluminous, curly locks around her shoulders. They appeared to be blowing slightly in the wind. Jojo looked over her left shoulder and offered a smoldering pout to the camera.

There were a couple of brown buildings behind her, and the skies above her looked white in the photo. The bright sun fell on the side of Jojo's figure and the diffused light left her skin looking flawless. Furthermore, the locks around her face glowed in the shot.

The update has received over 69,700 likes in the nine hours since it was posted.

"D*mn absolutely Beautiful hope you are having amazing day today my crush," gushed a devotee.

Others responded to her flirty caption with playful messages of their own.

"I wouldnt even stay 6 inches away from you," declared a second supporter.

"Normally yes but youre an exception," wrote a third social media user.

"Nah, you're worth the risk," noted another follower.

On July 22, Jojo turned up the heat with another sultry photo. That time, she rocked a neon yellow mesh bodysuit and tugged it down with one hand to expose her chest. She censored herself with her left hand and stood in the corner of a room with the door open. She gazed into the distance with her lips slightly parted and her knee popped. Moreover, her hair was brushed in front of her right shoulder.