Caroline O’Mahony Flaunts Incredible Physique Wearing Pink Thong Bikini At The Beach

Selfie of Caroline O'Mahony
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Irish fitness model Caroline O’Mahony thrilled her 672,000 Instagram followers with her most recent update on Sunday afternoon. The stunning brunette shared a racy photo of herself scantily clad and frolicking on a sunny beach, and the post received over 11,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.

Caroline wore a strappy bikini that showed off all her curves. The pale, bubble-gum pink shade popped against her golden complexion.

The top appeared to have full underwire cups that supported her ample breasts. The back featured stylish detailing involving multiple straps that criss-crossed over one another and displayed her toned upper back.

The bottom of the suit had a Brazilian thong cut and rested high around the slimmest part of her waist, leaving most of her booty completely bare.

Caroline stood at the water’s edge with her left side facing the camera, angling her spectacular behind toward the lens. She arched her back and popped her leg, bending her knee slightly and resting her toes in the sand in front of her.

The pose showed off her muscular thighs and accentuated her curvaceous rear end.

She turned to look over her shoulder and gazed just above the camera with a wide, natural smile. Caroline indicated in the caption that a summer’s day by the ocean did much to improve her mood.

Her left elbow was bent and her was arm raised, seemingly brushing a few strands of hair out of her eyes with her fingertips. The positioning created a triangle with which her beautiful face was framed. Caroline’s huge blue eyes were also defined by dark lashes and arched brows.

Overhead sunlight kissed her mahogany tresses, which brought a little red hue out of the dark shade. Her straight hair was parted off-center and casually styled.

Aside from the crown of her head, her derriere was the only place on Caroline’s body that was bathed in visible light, illuminating her smooth, rounded cheeks.

Caroline’s dedicated Instagram followers were eager to share their compliments and adoration for the model’s incredible figure. Many fans left various series of emoji indicating affection, and some elected to put their feelings into words.

“Perfect day. Perfect you,” declared one sweet fan.

“GIRL, you look amazing,” raved a second person, adding a string of flame symbols to emphasize their statement.

“Dude stares at Caroline as she walks past… sees her giant boyfriend looking… runs directly into the sea and starts swimming!” joked a third person, referring to Caroline’s boyfriend, fitness instructor Gary Pineda.