Camille Kostek Flaunts Gorgeous Figure In ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Video, ‘Wildest Dreams’ Come True

Camille Kostek attends Vital Proteins Collagen Water Beverly Hills Bash on November 16, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Many Instagram threads have been abuzz for the last several weeks due to the release of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which hit newsstands Tuesday, July 21. Gorgeous freckled blonde Camille Kostek thrilled her 783,000 followers with a quick behind-the-scenes compilation video from several of her shoots for the esteemed publication.

The post garnered almost 14,000 views in just over half an hour after it had been uploaded. The former Patriots cheerleader was seen posing in multiple locations in different outfits while she spoke about her mom’s positive influence and how she motivated her.

“My mom just really always taught me to go after anything I wanted, even if the dream seemed so wild or too big,” she told viewers. “If I was scared to do something, she would say, ‘If it scares you, that’s, like, your gut and your instinct telling you should probably go for it.'”

The video began with Camille wearing an emerald green bikini and walking along a rustic trail, surrounded by a forest of enormous palm trees, and then cut to a close-up shot of her gazing at the camera with stunning light eyes and a warm, natural smile on her face.

She tousled her long, beachy tresses with one hand and teased the viewer with her grin as she moved through a series of poses.

The clip continued with Camille on the beach, with multiple suit changes. First she walked along the edge of the water with the turquoise ocean stretched far behind her. Next, she was captured sitting, leaning back in the shallow waves and propped up on her elbows.

At one point, she wore a skimpy black string bikini decorated with a sweet white floral pattern and rolled around in the wet sand as ocean waves lapped across her smooth, golden skin.

According to her model profile on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, Camille was a contestant in their inaugural Sports Illustrated Swim Search in 2018. She and co-winner Haley Kalil returned as rookies in 2019, when she was selected to grace one of the three covers.

Both models shot for the new 2020 issue.

The former dancer is big on promoting body positivity and uses her social media influence to voice her message.

In a recent update on the SI website, she told an interviewer that she “hopes to continue to use her new platform to encourage women around the world to love their bodies and embrace their natural beauty.”