Natalie Martinez Bares Backside In White Thong Bikini While Kickboxing With Herself

Natalie Martinez showed off a shot of herself kickboxing a punching bag with her picture on it from Netflix's Kingdom, and her Instagram fans appreciated her MMA-style kick. She performed the move while wearing a bikini.

The actress was on a patio that featured two light-colored lounge chairs, a refillable bottle, and a black punching bag covered with a black-and-white picture of herself as Alicia Mendez from the Netflix series. The background of the photo featured plenty of green trees, buildings built into the side of a hilly landscape, and a gorgeous clear blue sky in the distance.

Natalie showed off her muscular leg with a powerful kick right to the center of her character's throat on the bag. Her foot remained bare for the MMA-style move. The angle of the kick also gave viewers a full view of her mostly bare backside, which was clad in a thong-style white bikini bottom that rose to her mid-back and over her hips.

She paired the bottoms with a matching white top that tied over her shoulder and had a thick band across her back. Just a hint of her ample cleavage showed over the edge of the swimsuit.

Natalie accessorized with several different bracelets around her wrist. The actress's curly brown hair was pulled back from her face and hung down her back and one shoulder in the action pose.

In her caption, Natalie credited Jay You with the photography, and she used a play on words about her kicking and backside, which Instagrammers appeared to enjoy. Over 18,700 fans hit the "like" button, while more than 350 left a comment for the Netflix star.

"Go get it. I'm going to watch it," wrote one fan.

"I'm on the episode where Keith asks you if can you do it before the fight," a second follower noted about the Kingdom storylines.

"Strong, beautiful, and sexy! I binged it in four days. Loved it!!" declared a third fan who had already finished the whole show.

"Damn, look at those legs, girl. Muscle looks so good on ladies. That's you kicking you," replied a fourth fan who also included a laughing crying emoji.

Natalie is no stranger to showing off her gorgeous and curvy body on Instagram. Earlier this week, she left her followers thrilled when she shared a shot of herself on her 36th birthday, enjoying some time in the water while wearing a sexy orange ruched bikini.