Cardi B's Sister Hennessy Carolina Flashes Cleavage In Sexy Black Dress

Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina thrilled her Instagram followers with a series of candid shots of herself wearing a low-cut dress, which came from Fashion Nova.

The model stood outside next to a black wrought iron fence. An intricate green hedge, trees, and a building with black wrought iron on it could be seen behind her. In the first shot, Hennessy stood with both her hands resting on the fence as she popped one knee and looked off to the side. The second picture featured the fashionista with one of her hands touching her bag and her hip jutted out.

Hennessy wore a shiny black dress, which hugged all her curves and emphasized her voluptuous hourglass figure. The dress had spaghetti straps and a tie in the center of the neckline that gathered the top over her ample chest. The low-cut top showed off Hennessy's cleavage, as well as her toned shoulders and arms. She wore a pair of green and yellow sneakers with thick white shoelaces, which popped against the black frock. She held a small green purse over her left shoulder.

The model's gorgeous dark hair cascaded in curls down her back and slightly over one shoulder. She appeared to have on a bit of makeup to enhance her features, including eyeshadow and mascara, along with a cheek color and a light pink lip color. Hennessy's fingernails seemed to be either bare or painted with a very light-colored polish.

Instagram users shared the love with the model, with more than 96,000 hitting the "like" button and nearly 600 taking the time to leave a positive reply. The flame emoji appeared liberally throughout the comments section, indicating that people thought Hennessy looked hot.

"Hennessy Carolina, you're very, very pretty. Stay as you are. Never change," advised one devotee.

"I love you; you are my girl crush," a second fan admitted, including a heart-eye emoji with their message.

"You're a GOAT. So beautiful! Your hair is just life, and this look is just everything," gushed a third follower, who added a red heart and a flame emoji to their words.

"Them shoes! I need me a pair!" a fourth Instagram user declared, leaving a green and yellow heart, potentially referencing the color of the sneakers.

The is hardly the first time Hennessy has flaunted her fit figure on Instagram. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the beauty recently showed off her shapely backside in a pair of bright tie-dyed leggings. She noted she was only seeing fireworks, which referenced her pants' pattern.