Amanda Cerny Does Sexy Dance In Daring Pink Bottoms Before Getting Carried Off

Amanda Cerny teased her TikTok followers with a slow and sensual dance that had many of her fans reminiscing about her steamy Playboy shoot. However, she kept her clothing on in her video upload.

The model and YouTube star was clad in a pair of tiny pink bottoms that appeared to be the lower half of a bikini. They featured a low-rise silhouette that almost fully exposed all of Amanda's sculpted stomach. The design also drew attention to her curvy hips.

Amanda rocked a bralette top that was the same color as her bottoms. She was possibly sporting the same two-piece bathing suit that she wore in another recent clip that showed her being twirled around in a pool. For her TikTok video, she added a yellow shirt to her skimpy ensemble. The front of the garment was open, save for the two flirty tie details at the neck and the center of the stomach.

Amanda wore her long brunette hair pulled back from her face with a cloth headband that was the same rosy hue as her bottoms. If she was wearing any makeup, it was a minimal amount that allowed her natural beauty to shine through.

Amanda appeared to be in her living room. Her boyfriend, fitness model Johannes Bartl, could be seen sitting on a chair in the background and holding a remote. However, his attention abruptly shifted to Amanda when she started dancing.

The model placed her hands on her sides and slowly swayed her hips. By the time she re-positioned her hands so that they were behind her head, Johannes was beside her. He attempted to stop her dance, and he appeared to chastise her viewers for watching by shaking his finger at the camera. The couple briefly argued, and Amanda pushed Johannes away so that he fell backward over an ottoman. She then resumed dancing, but Johannes halted her performance again by slinging her over one shoulder and walking away from the camera.

The TikTok sound Amanda chose for her video was the Hatsune Miku vocaloid cover of the song "Ameno" by Era.

In the caption that accompanied her upload, Amanda promised her viewers that she'd be back. However, her followers seemed pretty pleased with her short but sexy dance video, which has received over 31,000 likes thus far. Many of the messages in the comments section referred to Amanda being named the Playboy Playmate of the Month in October 2011.

"Reminds me of you when you were in playboy," wrote one user.

"I think that all of us know that Amanda is the best model of Playboy," another remark read.

Amanda received plenty of other compliments from her admirers.

"Perfection is perfected in you!" one devotee gushed.