Scheana Shay Reveals Why Brett Caprioni Was In Her Steamy 'One Last Time' Video Instead Of Brock Davies

Scheana Shay says she had a good reason for enlisting her former co-star Brett Caprioni for her sexy "One Last Time" music video instead of shooting it with her boyfriend, Brock Davies.

The question about her music video came after the Vanderpump Rules star shared a new photo to Instagram which showed her wrapped in Brock's arms as she declared her love for him. In the caption to the pic, the 35-year-old Bravo beauty described the Australian personal trainer and gym owner as her "rock" during her difficult year. Scheana recently revealed that she suffered a devastating miscarriage in her sixth week of pregnancy with Brock's baby.

Fans told Scheana that they were happy that she finally found love with Brock last year after a series of failed relationships that played out on Vanderpump Rules.

"Love you so much and love seeing you blossom!" wrote fellow Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix.

Brock also replied to Scheana's post.

"Ohh hi honey," Brock wrote to Scheana. "You are an amazing woman and I hope the world can see more of what I get to see Xoxox. Thank you for making me a better man."

But another fan asked Scheana why she chose SUR bartender Brett to co-star in the racy bedroom-themed video instead of her boyfriend.

"Why was he not in your video instead of Brett?!" the fan asked Scheana.

"We met ONE month too late and it was $5k to reshoot, PLUS I didn't want him in a video about 'one last time' and then moving on lol," Scheana replied.

Vanderpump Rules fans are very familiar with the music video in question. After Brett agreed to shoot the racy video with Scheana in Palm Springs last year, he said he felt a little "violated."

Footage from the shoot aired on the Bravo reality series showed the co-stars rolling around in bed together in various stages of undress. After the shoot, Brett told Scheana the NSFW video, which can be seen on YouTube here, made him feel uncomfortable, and he suggested that he could have easily had sex with Scheana during the shoot. He also said he didn't want to give Scheana the wrong idea about their relationship after their steamy scenes together.

Scheana later told Brett it's called "acting" and advised him to get over himself. She also let him off the hook for any follow-up scenes.

Brett has since been fired from Vanderpump Rules, but it's clear that Scheana has a filming partner for life with Brock. While she just missed having him in her "One More Time" video, an Instagram commenter noted the following.

"Damn timing! Well, there are plenty of videos in the future for the two of you, I'm sure."