‘Disney Infinity’ Gets ‘Toybox’ Demo Trailer [Video]

Disney Infinity is the media giant’s answer to Skylanders but it appears that with the release of the their new trailer they have actually done that game one better. The trailer shows how you can use the “Toybox” in order to have a real open world experience with the game and the figurines that come with it.

The game trailer promises that you can play with a huge variety of different characters, all from some of the most beloved movies (not all animated) of all time. The video also shows how people can actually combine the Disney world and make up their own games for their characters to play in.

The game was actually delayed, as it was originally due to be out in June, but it will now be out in August. If the trailer can be believed, it will be well worth the wait.

Disney Infinity has been described as equal parts Skylanders and Minecraft and that might be about the best explanation of the game you will run across. Like Spyro and his friends, you will need to have certain figurines in order to get them into the actual video game.

This is one way to make quite a bit of money off the original game, while also getting people to go hog wild when they buy different characters. Minecraft comes into play because you can actually build your own little world and then have whatever characters you own interact in those worlds.

You can also go on regular old adventures if that suits your fancy but the video clearly wants to show just how much imagination comes into play when you are using this game.

While the different figures are expected to retail for $12.99 (about $3 more than your average Skylander) it seems that might be well worth the price if you can really do as much as the trailer indicates.

Are you going to check out Disney Infinity and its Toybox when it gets released this August?