Kate Beckinsale’s Cats Wear Latex Wedding Attire While Listening To Billy Idol

Kate Beckinsale attends Vanity Fair and LancĂ´me Toast Women in Hollywood on February 06, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Kate Beckinsale’s 4.3 million followers have gotten familiar with her two fluffy feline companions due to their frequent appearance on her Instagram feed.

Both Clive and Willow seem to be patiently acquiescent to Kate’s dancing and costuming whims, although Clive in particular has been observed to be pretty apathetic about his star status.

In a July 2 post, the pair of adorable Persians were decked out in full wedding finery, but with an alternative edge. Both tiny costumes were constructed entirely of latex. Kate credited Jane Doe Latex for the design and expressed her appreciation.

The video began with a close-up shot as Clive sat on a dark wooden kitchen counter.

A dapper black top hat was perched between his ears. A bit of decorative plumage sprung from the band, which provided additional flair to the overall ensemble.

A mid-length cape was clasped around his neck and fell just past his elbows.

His signature gray mane was fluffed around his face and protruded from the center of his cloak.

He displayed a serious countenance and gazed silently off-camera.

Next, the camera panned quickly down past the wood floor and landed upon Willow, who was crouched on an adjacent counter made of pale-colored marble.

On her little head, covering her ears, was an ivory-colored pillbox hat festooned with a large bow and a bit of elegant netting.

She wore matching wrap that was similar in style, though slightly shorter, to Clive’s.

Her bright green eyes popped against her beige fur.

In terms of her interaction with the camera, Willow appeared to be feeling a bit more alert than her companion. She also made no audible noise, but did swish her tail once.

The quick clip ended with last look at Clive, who maintained an air of unenthusiastic dignity.


Kate selected “White Wedding” by Billy Idol to play in the background, which injected the perfect punk rock vibe into the scene.

Despite the corresponding caption, neither of the kitties appear to be terribly anxious about their upcoming nuptials.

Fans, however, reacted with a flood of amused adoration for Kate and her Instagram playmates. Many mentioned the duo’s complimentary attire.

“Still a better love story than Twilight,” mused one follower.

“Congratulations to the bride and groom!” exclaimed a second, with a laughing-crying emoji.

“Oh how I love Clive and Co. Your videos are like an injection of hilarity in this mad crazy world. Take care,” praised a third.

“They have just redefined proper dressing code for events,” remarked another person, leading the comment with heart and laughing-crying emoji.

A number of fans expressed surprise that Clive and Willow allow Kate to dress them up.

Just a few hours after it was uploaded, the post had received almost 100,000 views.