Lauren Dascalo Shows Off Incredible Curves In A Yellow Speckled Bikini

Lauren revealed that she was about to head to the beach.

Lauren Dascalo snaps a selfie.
Lauren Dascalo / Instagram

Lauren revealed that she was about to head to the beach.

Lauren Dascalo looked like she was ready for some summer fun in the string bikini that she rocked in a set of smoking-hot photos. On Saturday, she shared the trio of images with her 897,000 Instagram followers.

Instead of polka dots, Lauren’s teeny bikini featured a white speckled pattern. The model wore her top’s sliding triangle cups wide apart, which showed off the natural shape of her ample breasts. She was posing with her body angled slightly to the side in her first photo, and this view teased a generous amount of sideboob.

Unlike her top, Lauren’s matching bottoms didn’t include string ties. Instead, the garment’s sides were unbroken elastic strings that were stretched all the way up to the model’s trim waist. The tops of side bands were even with her navel, while the adjustable scrunched front of the bottoms was positioned down low on her toned abdomen. On her feet, Lauren wore a pair of white socks and sneakers.

Lauren accessorized her outfit with two small hoop earrings in her left ear and two delicate gold necklaces, one of which included a “1997” pendant. She also wore a large white scrunchie around her right wrist.

Lauren’s beauty look appeared to include white eyeshadow on her eyelids, dark eyeliner, and a generous coat of mascara on her seemingly curled eyelashes. Her full, pillowy lips were pale pink. Lauren wore her blond hair down. It looked like it was being blown around by a breeze in her second photo.

While she was already dressed for the beach, she wasn’t there yet. Lauren revealed that she was about to head to the seashore in the caption of her post, and a geotag indicated that her photo shoot took place somewhere in Malibu, California.

Instead of posing in the sand, Lauren was sitting on a patch of short, green grass in front of a row of manicured bushes. In her first photo, she was pictured leaning back on her left arm and grasping a handful of hair with her right hand. Her pose highlighted the curve of her pert posterior.

The second shot captured Lauren resting her elbows on her knees and holding a tiny white flower up near her face. This pose revealed that she had small blue butterflies painted on her long fingernails.

Lauren’s third photo was similar to her first, but she was leaning back further. She also had her head tilted to the side, and her lips were parted. Her photos were a big hit with her fellow models.

“So pretty,” read Yaslen Clemente’s response to her post.

“Such a babe,” Abby Dowse wrote.

“You are a ray of sunshine,” gushed Mariana Morais.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Lauren and Mariana appeared in a steamy video shoot together. They were both rocking black thong bikinis and posing together in a convertible.