Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Her Cleavage In A Dangerously Low-Cut Top

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph.
Courtesy Photo

Lindsey Pelas recently took to her Instagram story to promote several of her projects, and in doing so, showed off her buxom bust in a plunging top. The sultry clip can be seen here.

The model wore a black top embellished with tiny white floral designs. The v-neck dipped low on her chest, flaunting her ample cleavage and voluptuous bust. The garment barely contained her assets, which almost popped out of the shirt, particularly as she moved. At one point in the clip, she pulled up the top to keep her chest from falling out.

She chewed gum as she talked, smiling and open-mouthed. Her pearly white teeth glinted in the light.

The blond bombshell paired the blouse with high-waisted blue jeans.

As for her jewelry, Lindsey wore large silver hoops in her ears.

Her locks were parted in the middle. Her roots were a darker brown that quickly transitioned into the platinum hue she’s known for, giving her tresses a slight ombre, two-toned look. Her strands tumbled down her shoulders in loose waves that ended at her chest.

Lindsey’s light brown brows appeared to be groomed, shaped, and filled in with pencil. They arched high over her sea green eyes. It looked as if she wore a slight burnt orange shadow on her lids, which seemed to be swiped with a thin line of eyeliner that winged out.

Her feathery lashes fanned out and curled upwards in a dramatic fashion. Her waterline appeared to be filled in with a soft kohl pencil and her lower lashes looked to be coated with black mascara.

Her cheeks shimmered with what seemed to be bronzer and blush, which made her cheekbones pop and gave her sun-kissed skin even more of a glow, while her nose appeared to be dusted with icy white highlighter. Her lips looked to be lined with a mocha-colored liner and filled in with a tawny matte lipstick.

Lindsey used the “BAHAMAS” Instagram filter, an effect that she frequently utilizes. The filter made her look even more bronzed.

As The Inquisitr has reported, Lindsey frequently poses in seductive getups that tantalize her 8.9 million followers.

One of her latest posts featured her wearing a sheer tank top and tiny Daisy Duke shorts. The shirt almost exposed her chest, save for two well-placed palm trees on the bust of the top. In the caption of the post, Lindsey made a joke about her chest and the pool floaties in the background.

“These aren’t inflatable,” she deadpanned.