Krissy Cela Rocks Green Sports Bra And Matching Shorts For New Low-Impact Workout

Krissy Cela poses for a selfie
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Krissy Cela added a new workout video series to her Instagram page on Sunday and it’s great for anyone who prefers low-impact exercises.

Dressed in a light green sports bra and matching shorts, the British fitness trainer started her workout with a series of knee taps. For this exercise, she took a step backward and then bent both knees. After that, she raised her back knee and lowered her upper arm toward it.

A set of double squat taps came next. Krissy assumed a wide-legged stance for this one before she bent her knees. As she lifted her body, she kicked one leg forward and reached her toes with her opposite hand. She performed another rep on the same side before she moved on to the other.

Then she tackled a set of reverse knee twists. She took a step backward for this one and bent her legs until her back knee almost touched the ground. Then she lifted that back knee and turned her torso toward it.

For the next exercise, Krissy placed one foot in front of the other and then tilted her torso forward, reaching for her heels with her hands. After two repetitions, she placed each hand on either side of her head and bent both knees. In her caption, she called these deadlift curtsies.

In the fifth and final exercise of the series, Krissy completed a series of lateral squats. She started in a wide-legged stance and shifted her body weight to one knee. Then she slid her torso and hips to the other side for the next repetition.

In her caption, Krissy recommended doing four sets of 20 repetitions of each exercise. She also wrote that this would be a perfect routine for anyone who’d prefer not to jump during their workouts either because of injuries or downstairs neighbors.

The post racked up over 5,000 likes in under 30 minutes, and more than 50 Instagram users have commented on it, so far. In those comments, fans shared their appreciation for the workout demo.

“As someone with PCOS that doesn’t benefit from high-intensity workouts, I thank you! Most of the time I modify the workouts you put together for us but this will make it so much easier!” one person wrote.

“You’re the best for being inclusive and catering your workouts to everyone!!” another Instagram user commented.

“Just made my workout plan for this week and feeling motivated!” a third supporter wrote.

“Love this! I love the high impact but it sometimes takes a toll on my knees so this is perfect — so thank you,” a fourth person commented.