'The Bold Type' Spoilers: Jane Struggles With Intimacy After Breast Implants

Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens, is struggling to get used to her new breasts after undergoing a double mastectomy on an upcoming episode of television series, The Bold Type, based on a teaser recently uploaded to the Freeform YouTube channel.

The Bold Type documents the lives and loves of three women, writer Jane Sloan, played by Stevens, social media director Kat Edison, played by Aisha Dee, and fashion assistant Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy, working at Scarlet magazine. During the current season, Jane made the decision to have her breast tissue removed after being informed she had tested positive for a gene that increased her chances of developing cancer. Jane also had implants inserted during her surgery, which she struggled to get used to once she returned home from the hospital.

In the upcoming episode, it appears Jane will make some progress adjusting to her new assets but later gets knocked back down a few steps. The teaser shows Jane making out with a new guy and things quickly going from sexy to awkward when he reaches up to touch her breasts.

"Once I was done, I just thought I would feel like myself again," she's heard saying.

While talking with Entertainment Weekly, Stevens said Jane's recovery will span across a few episodes as she heals physically and emotionally.

"When she starts to get better and she laughs for the first time, I think that it's so poignant," she said.

"I think she gets to the point where she's like, 'All right, I am recovering,' and then there's the whole other obstacle about, now that I'm physically healed, how do I emotionally heal? How do I emotionally feel at home in my body, how do I feel comfortable and confident? So we're going to see that journey happen over a few episodes."

As for the other women, things aren't quite working out for them either. The clip showed Sutton and husband Richard Hunter, played by Samuel Page, visiting their obstetrician's office for Sutton's first appointment since discovering she was pregnant. During the visit, the doctor gets a strange look on her face while examining Sutton, who is later seen bursting into tears and apologizing profusely to her husband. It's possible she could have had a miscarriage or a false reading on her pregnancy test.

Elsewhere, Kat is still struggling to find her footing after being fired from Scarlet. Earlier in the season, her parents made it clear that if she was unable to continue paying the mortgage on the apartment they allowed her to live in, they would be renting it to someone else. During the upcoming episode, Kat is seen sporting a defeated look as she packs her things and prepares to move in with Jane.