June 19, 2020
Newly Discovered DNA Sample Complicates Jennifer Dulos Case

Jennifer Dulos of Connecticut has been missing for over a year now, but a newly discovered DNA sample in connection with the case could potentially yield additional information regarding what happened to her and who was involved, according to The Hartford Courant.

This DNA sample was found on one of the trash bags that Jennifer's estranged husband Fotis Dulos allegedly threw away on the night of her disappearance. Both Fotis, as well as his former girlfriend Michelle Troconis, were charged in connection to the case and law enforcement believes that Fotis murdered Jennifer.

After careful testing of the new DNA sample, it was determined that it did not belong to Fotis, Troconis, or even Jennifer, but rather a fourth person that has not yet been identified. This trash bag was found at the corner of Albany Avenue and Green Street in Hartford in a dumpster, where Fotis and Troconis are believed to have dumped it.

This new state police forensic laboratory report was referenced in a new motion by Attorney Jon Schoenhorn, who is working to defend Troconis.

"This is an emergency motion because the undersigned is unable to obtain a Superior Court hearing to modify any of these conditions, the case has been continued multiple times, and the Superior Court for the Fairfield Judicial District, which is currently handling Stamford cases, either can not — or will not — schedule this case, despite refiling of said motions in that court," he wrote in the recent statement.

Schoenhorn is trying to obtain an emergency hearing with the intention of allowing Troconis to get to take off the GPS bracelet she has been ordered by the court to wear at all times since June 2019. Troconis is out on bail but is required to remain confined to her home. Up until now, there have been few developments legally in regards to this case as the court has been closed for months due to COVID-19.

Troconis has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, hindering prosecution, and tampering with evidence in connection with Jennifer's disappearance. Meanwhile, Fotis committed suicide in January before any sort of trial could even begin. He left behind a suicide note in which he claimed not only his own innocence but that of Troconis.

There has been no further information thus far in regards to the identity of the person's DNA found on the trash bag in question.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Troconis issued a statement in May in which she said that she had nothing to do with Jennifer's disappearance and has no information regarding her whereabouts.

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