Liz Katz Flaunts Cleavage In Jessica Rabbit Costume & H2O Delirious Gets A Cartoon Reference

Roger Rabbit served as a stand-in for Liz's YouTube-famous partner.

Liz Katz takes a mirror selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Roger Rabbit served as a stand-in for Liz's YouTube-famous partner.

Cosplay model Liz Katz made a rare reference to her romantic partner in her latest Instagram post, and she also thrilled her fans by showing off an eyeful of cleavage in a sexy Jessica Rabbit costume.

On Thursday, Liz took to Instagram to share a photo that she described as her “first cosplay shoot together” with her mysterious partner, a gamer who goes by the name H2O Delirious on his popular YouTube page. He always hides his face behind a hockey mask similar to the one worn by the character Jason in the Friday the 13th movies.

H2O Delirious wasn’t actually pictured with Liz. Instead, his mask had been drawn on Roger Rabbit. The titular floppy-eared cartoon character from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? had been digitally added to the image. The masked bunny was standing behind Liz and waving at the camera.

Liz was not a drawing, but she did reference Jessica Rabbit’s famous line about being drawn a certain way in the caption of her Instagram post. The cosplayer wore a curve-hugging, red sequin dress similar to the one that the animated bombshell rocks in the movie. The garment had a low sweetheart neckline that left very little of Liz’s voluptuous chest to the imagination. A high slit on the left side also exposed most of the model’s shapely left leg. She drew even more attention to the limb by posing with it popped out to the side.

Liz also accentuated her toned legs by rocking a pair of red ankle-strap stilettos. The sexy pumps had pointed toes, and they appeared to be constructed out of patent leather or a similar shiny material. The model completed her outfit with a pair of shiny purple gloves with long sheaths that extended above the elbow.

Liz also rocked a red wig styled in glamorous waves. The hairpiece featured a dramatic side part that covered up the model’s right eye. Liz’s makeup appeared to include a sultry smokey eye and a dark pink lip.

Liz’s take on Roger Rabbit’s wife earned the cosplay model over 30,000 likes within the first four hours after it was shared on her feed. Her followers also posted hundreds of messages in the comments section. Many of the remarks were about H2O Delirious and the baby Liz is expecting with him. The model responded to a few of her fans’ questions and comments.

“Are we ever going to see his face???” wrote one user.

“That’s up to him not me,” Liz replied.

“So your claim to fame is getting knocked up by a gamer,” another comment read.

“I’ve been a well established cosplayer, nude model, and editor for many years,” Liz clapped back. “I like to try and include my close friends and family in on my cosplay shoots.”