Charly Jordan Shares A Rear View Of A Mismatched Bikini And Gets Soaking Wet

Charly shared a slow-motion video filmed at a pool.

Charly Jordan attends Abyss By Abby Launch at Beauty & Essex
Jerritt Clark / Getty Images for Abyss By Abby

Charly shared a slow-motion video filmed at a pool.

A large number of Charly Jordan’s 1.1 million TikTok followers seemed to agree that she looked smoking hot in the steamy new video that she uploaded to her account on Saturday. She sent temperatures soaring by flaunting her bikini body while she cooled down by taking a dip in a pool.

In the video, Charly wore a mismatched bikini that included a backless black bandeau top and a pair of orange bottoms. The latter piece had a thong back that left very little to the imagination, but the 21-year-old DJ didn’t shy away from showing off her peachy backside.

In one shot, she was standing on the submerged steps of a pool, diving into the water. She displayed excellent form, sticking her rear up in the air and keeping her back straight as she leapt off the steps with her arms extended in front of her.

Charly was also shown holding onto the edge of the pool and pulling herself up in slow motion. As she rose, rivulets of water streamed down her glistening body and dripped back into the pool. Her waist-length blond hair was soaking wet and plastered to her back. This brief shot provided an even better view of her pert derriere.

Other scenes revealed that the front of Charly’s trendy bikini top consisted of a small rectangle of fabric that exposed a teasing amount of cleavage. While she was in the pool, the model flashed a smile at the camera and playfully stuck her tongue out at her viewers.

She was also shown exiting the pool and tugging on the side straps of her bikini bottoms as she walked up the steps. This shot provided a peek at her washboard stomach.


The video ended with a shot of Charly confidently strutting her stuff by the edge of the pool. This gave the model the chance to show off her long, lean legs. The song “Flesh” by industrial hip-hop artist Ghostmane played over her video, and a sparkle effect gave it a dreamy vibe.

Charly didn’t reveal the location of the pool where her shoot took place. However, she clearly had an audience while she was filming.

The video has racked up over 72,000 likes since it was initially uploaded. It also received an abundance of praise in the comments section.

“I’m speechless,” wrote one awestruck admirer.

“You deserve the hype,” another fan wrote.

“Another level of sensuality,” read a third remark.

Charly also lit up the comments section of an Instagram post on Saturday by sharing a different video with her followers on that platform. The clip showed the model in alluring black lingerie.