Bruna Rangel Lima Flaunts Her Skintight Outfit On Instagram

Bruna Rangel Lima poses on Instagram.
Bruna Rangel Lima / Instagram

Instagram model Bruna Rangel Lima rocked a crop top and fitted jeans in her latest Instagram story share, tantalizing her 4.1 million viewers with two selfie snaps.

Bruna wore a teeny camouflage top that sported pink, red, and purple hues. The strapless garment barely contained her buxom bust, which almost burst out of the top, showcasing a good deal of cleavage. The top also featured a rectangular cutout on either side that showed some skin, and her taut midriff peeked through.

The light-wash jeans dipped low and rode high on her waist, showcasing her hourglass figure and fit physique.

In the first video, she stared at the camera seductively, giving the lens a “come hither” stare. Her intense gaze never wavered. “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd blasted in the background.

She quickly panned the camera over her outfit, starting with her tight top. Her voluptuous assets were on full display, and the fabric of the top stretched across her chest while the fitted jeans curved over her hips.

Bruna paired the outfit with black shoes and a black Louis Vuitton purse. Its long, silver chain hooked over her shoulder.

She took the second clip in her car, a gray seatbelt resting across her chest. She tilted the camera sideways, once again making her bust the focal point of the footage. She ran her fingers through her long hair.

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Bruna’s long tresses cascaded down her shoulders. Her hair appeared brown at the roots and quickly transitioned into a platinum blond hue, giving her locks a slightly two-toned effect.

Her brown brows appeared to be groomed and shaped, and they arched over her honey brown eyes. It looked as if she wore an orange shadow on her lids that extended all the way to her brow bone. Her lashes fanned out and curled upward. She appeared to wear black mascara. Her cheeks looked to be brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop, and her lips seemed to be covered with a pink gloss.

Her nails were done in a French manicure, and she accessorized with a jeweled stud in her nose.

As Bruna Rangel Lima fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the model frequently shares racy snaps on her Instagram story and grid, wearing ensembles that show off some serious skin.

Several of her most recent posts featured Bruna flaunting her bust and toned midriff in a slinky snakeskin-print top that she wore for a night on the town.